4. How Booking Works

Send booking. Approve booking & Issue invoice or reject booking as owner. Cancel Request. Cancel confirmed booking. Pay Admin fee to confirm booking.

NOTES: Admin receives all payments (deposit and remaining balance). Admin can be a single owner or choose specific “owners” to have submission rights (help – https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-allow-only-certain-users-to-submit-properties-in-front-end/) OR can let users register to add their listings too. Property owners manage booking requests and calendar availability from user dashboard. Property owners can add manual bookings. Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/adddelete-booked-periods-as-owner/ […]

How to confirm a booking when admin fee is 0

Admin sets in theme options the value of the admin fee from total bookings (admin booking fee excludes city fee and cleaning fee ). The fee is deducted from total invoice and is paid by user submitting the booking, before booking is confirmed and AFTER the property owner approves the booking request. If you don’t wish to […]

Booking Price – Understand Security Deposit Fee

The Security Fee is set by the owner in My Properties -> Edit or Add Property -> Price -> Security Deposit When booking request is sent, the Security Deposit Fee value is added to booking total. How to return the Security Deposit Fee to the renter. The Security Deposit fee is part of the booking […]

Booking: How to work with Deposit Fee and Service Fee

When you set a value for deposit and/or service fee, the payments will always go to the Admin accounts (PayPal, Stripe or any merchant set in WooCommerce). Here are some video tutorials that explain the different options of the theme.  HOW ADMIN RECEIVES MONEY FOR A CONFIRMED BOOKING Admin sets in theme options a Global […]

How to add Extra Options in the Listing Booking Form

First check that Extra Options are selected to show in submit form from Admin > Theme Options > Payments & Submit > Listing Submit Page Extra Options are added from Edit Property – Price Settings Add in booking form other options. You can select Option Name, Option Value (fixed number) and Option Calculation (fixed fee, by […]

Add booking as owner. Manual Bookings.

Owner can add booked periods to every property he submits from User Dashboard. Owner can DELETE these booked periods at any time. This feature works only with DAILY booking, not hourly booking. How to mark dates booked manually Go as owner to My Listings in your dashboard Edit the listing and go to Calendar Settings […]

Booking – How to review a property and how to manage reviews as owner

The Post Review button is available to renter the day following the reservation end date. Each user can add 1 review for each listing from MY RESERVATIONS. Reviews will be published instantly. Refresh the page to see the published review.   Reviews show on the Property Page and on the Owner page: How to manage […]


The booking system works as it follows: a. Registration / Login step Users must login. OR they must register in front end in order to submit a booking request. Login/Register can be done from header menu: Users must login / register in order to submit their properties. This is mandatory for their contact info to be saved […]

How to manage Object rental options

1. Enable Object Rental The Object Rental can be enabled from Theme Options – Payments & Submit – Listing Submit Page The Object Rentals option will not support Guests so Guests will not be disabled.  Show the guest dropdown? the option needs to be set to NO. Once the Object Rental is enabled, all per […]

Login & Register

In the WpRentals theme the Login & Register forms are displayed as: Modal when User login menu option is enabled from Theme Options > General > Header. On modal is also displayed an image and a message that are setup on Header section as well. Mobile Login & Register form Shortcode inside page when is used  Login & Register shortcode […]

Booking – How to manage Guest options

Content How to manage Extra guests option How to manage Guests as Dropdown How to disable the Guest option 1. How to manage the Extra Guests option The option to activate the separate guest options can be found in Theme Options-General-Booking Settings Once you enabled the option, you need to select the fields for the […]

iCalendar Import / Export

CONTENT About Ical Export-Import How iCalendar works: Hourly Ical Edit Cron Timing Video Tutorial About Ical Export-Import The iCalendar Feature is a way to synchronize your listing reservation data with other websites. For example, you published several properties on your WPRentals website but to maximize their exposure you also added them to airbn.com. Now the […]

How to enable and disable Instant Booking

You can enable Instant booking for each property as you add or edit a listing. Here is a video tutorial that explains these steps. Enable Instant Booking Access the front end dashboard by going to My Properties -> Add / Edit property -> Description settings. By default the option for Instant Booking is un-checked. Check the […]

How to use WpRentals theme with multiple owners

Manage Register / Login options Full details: https://help.wprentals.org/article/register-and-login-options/ Manage what submit form fields should include as site admin Full details help: https://help.wprentals.org/article/1-30-how-to-manage-submit-form-fields-and-mandatory-fields/ Manage properties submission If as admin you wish money for submission check these options: a. Membership based submission – https://help.wprentals.org/article/membership-submission/ b. OR Paid by listing based submission – https://help.wprentals.org/article/paid-submission/ Manage bookings deposit If […]

Hide booking form and replace with Owner Contact Form

You can replace the booking form with the owner contact form. Go to Theme Options-Listsing Page-Listing Page Settings -> Show Contact Form instead of booking form. -> YES and Save The booking form will be replaced by the contact form on property/listing page. If the user is logged in, the form will look like this […]

Add a Redirect URL instead of Book Now button

Live demo: https://main.wprentals.org/properties/west-town-3rd-floor-dorm/ You can add a custom redirect URL to show instead of the Book Now button. Save the field to show in submit form. The option will show in Submit Form -> Edit Property / Add Property From Wp-admin -> Properties -> Edit Property -> Administrator can edit the link as well:  

How to make calendar dates unavailable

To block dates in calendar you can do one of these actions: Add manual bookings for specific periods or Import an ical feed with blocked dates form 3rd party platforms like Google Calendar, Airbnb, etc (which support ical feed export) Add bookings manually from Calendar Go to Dashboard -> Properties -> Edit Property -> Calendar […]

Submit Listing Form -> Price Details Explained

Check what price details you wish to show in submit form from Admin -> Theme Options -> Payments & Submit -> Listing Submit Page Price Section Price options are detailed below: Default Price Settings details are explained below: Price per night Price per night MUST exist for every property. Price per night for 7n+ or 30n+ Users can […]

My Bookings in User Dashboard

This page lists all bookings received as property owner. How to create My Bookings If you’re not importing demo content create the page from admin – add page following the below screenshot details: Bookings Status Details 1. Pending status when user waits for owner to confirm or reject his request If the owner enabled instant booking, […]