4. How Booking Works

Invoice Details – Taxes –

Taxes in % (taxes are considered included in the daily price). They are added from Price Details of each property – Taxes show for the owner – in his invoice details. See VIEW DETAILS of a confirmed booking Formulas for taxes we use: $you_earn = $total_price – $security_deposit – floatval($city_fee) – floatval($cleaning_fee) – $service_fee; $taxes […]

Price per Guest

Price by guest is selected from Edit/Add property – Price Settings Pay by Guest options are Extra Price per guest per night in USD and check to Allow guests above capacity ? Check to  Pay by the no of guests (all room prices will NOT be used anymore and billing will be done by guest no […]

How to login / register and make a booking

This is a video how booking details are saved when using search trying to send booking after  login/register process     This is a video to show how booking details are saved automatically after login/register modal shows, without having to add the booking details again after login

1.20.5 Verify Owner

Starting version 1.20.5 we have added the option for admin to verify Owners. After the Owner registers, in My Profile page he will have the option to UPLOAD AN ID SCAN The Owner will need to upload an image The admin will be notified via email   and will need to go to admin-Users to […]

Can I hide the guest number?

Staring 1.30 theme update you can hide the guest number easily. Hide from booking form Put this option to Object Rental You will see the booking form like this Hide guest from listing submit form Put this option to NO from theme options And the submit form will exclude the guest number

How to work with Extra Guest option

When using EXTRA GUEST option, the following notes apply. 1. Search by guest cannot consider the extra guests allowed, as technically the guest value is a single value (and we can’t do a sum). Search will return results with properties that have the default guest number equal or higher with the value selected in search […]

1.20 Add Extra Options in Booking Form

Extra Options are added from Edit Property – Price Settings Add in booking form other options. You can select Option Name, Option Value (fixed number) and Option Calculation (fixed fee, by night, by guest or by night and guest)

1.20 About Security Deposit Fee

Security Deposit Fee The Security Fee is set by the owner, in number amount. When booking request is sent, the Security Deposit Fee value is added to booking total. Now we have different scenarios possible, but only some make sense with this option. a. Deposit is 100% and a user will pay everything when booking […]

1.20 Deposit Fee

The deposit fee – it is taken from user account and into admin account when payment is made, without any owner approval being required for the payment itself. In short, the process is this. Standard booking process, without instant checkout enabled: a. Send booking request b. Owner approves or rejects request c. If Owner approves, […]