Before reading this help file you may want to check this video. It explains theme functionality and may be easier to understand. Watch Video on Youtube

In the WpRentals theme the Login & Register forms are displayed as:

  • Modal when User login menu option is enabled from Theme Options > General > Header. On modal is also displayed an image and a message that are setup on Header section as well.
  • Mobile Login & Register form
  • Shortcode inside page when is used  Login & Register shortcode
  • Login & Register Widget

The global settings for Login & Register forms are detailed below

1. Register Form password control

You can control if you wish users to type passwords or not. The option can be found on Theme Options > General >Login&Register

If set YES to this option, the users can type a password when creating an account. The form will have these fields: username, email, password, retype the password.

  • If set to YES, the user will be able to type a password on the register,
  • If set to NO the password will be received by email.

2. Separate the users on registration.

The option can be found on Theme Options > General >Login&Register

A. With this option enabled, users are separated into 2 categories: who can only book and who can rent & book

The Register form shows 2 options as checkboxes:

  • I only want to book
  • I want to rent my property

Users who check: I only want to book

These users will have the user dashboard pages limited to those from the below screenshot (no pages for submitting)


Users who check: I want to rent my property

These users will have the user dashboard with all pages, including submitting property:

IMPORTANT: When using login through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo) – the user is disconnected from the site register and is taken over by the API of the social login which registers and logins the users. In this case, user will have the default options (which include submit) even if you enable the option to select between users who rent and users who rent and book.

B. If you choose the option to NOT separate users on registration, all users who register will have all user dashboard pages (including submit).

C.  If you disable the separate on register option but you add the usernames in – Only these users can publish

then only those users will be able to submit a new listing and the rest of the users will only be able to book.

3. Redirect User after Login

NOTE: No matter the theme options, users will stay on the same page if they login from Property page (for users to stay  on the same page to complete booking request) and they will be redirected automatically to Edit Listing in User Profile if they login from the Submit Property template
You can tell where users redirect after login from theme options
A. If The Redirect users to the same page after login? is set to NO, then you will have the option to add an URL for the redirect.  If left blank the redirect will be done to the My Profile User Dashboard page.
B. If set to YES, the user will stay on the same page after the login

4. Use reCaptcha for the register form

You can enable or disable reCaptcha for the register form from Theme Options > Advanced > reCaptcha settings.

Help article for reCaptcha setup

5. Create the Terms and Conditions Page

Users must agree to Terms and Conditions before registering on-site.

Help article about Terms and Conditions page

6. Enable social login options

Help article about Facebook login

Help article about Gmail Login

Help article about Twitter Login

7. Enable mobile phone number in the registration form ?

In the register form, you can enable a phone number field.