Before reading this help, check out this video. You will learn how the owner manages his bookings and how the renter manages his reservations if there is a deposit that needs to be paid to site admin. Watch Video on Youtube
Before reading this help, check out this video. You will learn how the owner manages his bookings and how the renter manages his reservations if there is no deposit required. Watch Video on Youtube


  1. Admin receives all payments (deposit and remaining balance).
  2. Admin can be a single owner or choose specific “owners” to have submission rights (help – OR can let users register to add their listings too.
  3. Property owners manage booking requests and calendar availability from user dashboard.
  4. Property owners can add manual bookings. Help

User Sends booking request

By default, users submit a booking request after they login/register.

The register / login step is required to book or send messages in WP Rentals.  More here

If you use WooCommerce to process payments, set a deposit required and enable Instant booking for a listing, the login/register and the payment for deposit are done at the same time. Help 

booking request

Owner: Approves booking. Issues invoice. Reject Booking. Cancels confirmed booking.

The user who submits properties (property owners) will receive an email notification when a new booking request is received from another user.

You have received a new booking request on!  Go to your account in "Bookings" page to see the request, issue the invoice or reject it!

The user who submits property (owner) will see all bookings made for his property in User Dashboard -> My Bookings.

From here the owner can:

  • Reject Booking,
  • Issue Invoice and approve booking, or
  • Cancel a confirmed booking.
Rejected and Canceled Bookings will be deleted automatically from the user dashboard and admin.

Invoices will show in Admin so that deposits paid can be tracked by Admin

The user will be notified via email that his booking request was rejected or canceled. But the booking request will no longer be available in his dashboard either.

Below there are screenshots with all possible status for booking requests received in User dashboard -> My Bookings (property owner)

Pending Booking Request

If an invoice is issued, but the user has not paid yet, the owner can delete the invoice and issue it again, or reject the booking request and delete it from your My Bookings page and user My Reservations page.

Confirmed Bookings

A confirmed booking can be confirmed, but not fully paid or confirmed and fully paid.

Confirmed by not fully paid means Site admin set a deposit value less than 100% and the deposit is mandatory for booking to be confirmed. The remaining balance can be paid through the theme at any time, money goes to the site admin, and it is an optional step.

Confirmed and paid in full booking status shows when a user pays the total amount calculated to site admin.

Owner made bookings


Approve or reject a booking request. The admin fee is set to 0.

When a booking request is received, the user submitting the property (property owner) will be asked to issue an invoice or reject the request.

Issue invoice by the property owner is the first step in confirming a booking.

If the admin fee is set to 0 by admin, the issued invoice will show Deposit 0. Booking request is confirmed when the property owner clicks on the Issue Invoice button

This means that the booking will be confirmed by the user who submits the property (owner) when he sends the invoice.

Owner will approve the booking request if he does not activate Instant booking.

Owner gets the notification about a booking request.

Owner login in his account and goes to MY BOOKINGS.

Owner finds the booking. He clicks ISSUE INVOICE.

Optional – He can add Manual Extra expense or Manual Discount.

Owner confirms booking by pressing the button: Confirm Booking: No Reservation Fee Required.

Booking shows as confirmed on page refresh.

Approve or reject a booking request. The deposit fee must be paid before booking is confirmed.

If a deposit fee will be asked by Admin, then the user submitting the property will have the possibility to:

  • issue an invoice,
  • add invoice details,
  • delete the invoice and generate a new invoice,

All these BEFORE payment is made by the user who submitted the booking request to admin and have his booking request confirmed.

The deposit can be a % or a fixed amount and can include or not Admin Service fee too. Read more about Deposit and Service fee here


Owner logins in his account and goes to MY BOOKINGS.

He finds the reservation, clicks on ISSUE INVOICE.

Optional – He can add Manual Extra expense or Manual Discount.

When issuing invoice the deposit is visible in invoice details as RESERVATION FEE REQUIRED.

Manual Extra expense or Manual Discount can be deleted / added again before issuing the invoice.


The invoice can be deleted and generated again (BEFORE DEPOSIT IS PAID)

All the invoices generated by a user who owns the property (who submits the property) will be visible in User Dashboard -> Invoices

Invoice ID is listed in Booking Details


Multiple Booking Requests for the same period

If 2 or more booking requests are sent for the same date/property – 2+ invoices were issued,  the theme will allow only the first payment to be processed.

booking caanot be paid

User: How to pay Admin Deposit request for booking to be confirmed (after owner approves request).

The user who submits the booking request gets the notification that an invoice was issued and he needs to pay the deposit fee before booking is confirmed.

When you add the Deposit fee, there will be a reminder email to make the remaining payment before the beginning of the booking. The remaining payment can be done from My Reservations page at any time (money go to admin) But paying the remaining invoice is optional!

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