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This technical help has been written by our development team based on the answers/directions provided to our clients who have asked for directions to modify the code. We published them hoping that they will help other clients with similar requests implement the modifications faster.

Please keep in mind that theme customization services ARE NOT included in the client standard support. Our support team cannot do code modifications for you.

Item support is a service provided directly by us through the FreshDesk ticket system. Support is limited to questions regarding the theme’s features or problems with the theme. We are not able to provide support for code customizations or third-party plugins. If you need help with anything other than minor customizations of your theme, we suggest searching for a WordPress developer on

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Technical: Change Stripe Colors

To change the colors for stripe form you need to edit in code the following colors. File path: wprentals/js/wpestate-stripe.js At line 17 you have var card = elements.create(‘card’, { iconStyle: ‘solid’, style: { base: { iconColor: ‘#c4f0ff’, color: ‘#fff’, fontWeight: 500, fontFamily: ‘Roboto, Open Sans, Segoe UI, sans-serif’, fontSize: ’16px’, fontSmoothing: ‘antialiased’, ‘:-webkit-autofill’: { color: […]

iCalendar feed cron – Change to a different recurrence time

By default the theme runs a WordPress cron every 3 hours to synchronise the calendar availability based on the ical feeds imported into each property. If you wish to edit the  default value (3 hours) you can use the below directions. Install WP Crontrol plugin Edit ICAL CRON The cron job that checks for new feed […]

How to change the zoom level for the map in property page

To change the zoom for map in all property pages you can make this change  in file js/google_js/maps_base.js –  Add zoom_level=15;  for ex (replace 15 with a number between 1 and 20). However, if you do this change, you will over write any value set in admin area.

Custom Css – Change order on mobile devices for half map

If you wish to change the order of elements on half map results, put the map after the list, you can apply this custom css solution @media only screen and (max-width: 991px){ .full_map_container .row { display: flex; flex-direction: column; } #google_map_prop_list_wrapper { order: 2; } #google_map_prop_list_sidebar { order: 1; } .admin-bar #google_map_prop_list_sidebar, .admin-bar #google_map_prop_list_wrapper { […]

Technical: Location of MetaTag Description in Taxonomy Pages

In wprentals-core plugin – file wprentals-core.php you have this WordPress action add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wpestate_add_custom_meta_to_header’); In the function of this action you have various meta tags for some situation. To remove the description tag for taxonomy just remove the line 293  print ‘<meta name=”description” content=”‘.strip_tags( term_description(”, get_query_var( ‘taxonomy’ ) )).'” >’; Or you can populate the term […]

Technical: Where to change email parameters?

The send email function are in wprentals-core plugin in misc/emailfunctions.php file There are several functions wpestate_select_email_type – which selects the email type wpestate_emails_filter_replace – replaces the placeholders (%invoice ) in content wpestate_send_emails – actually sends email If you look into the theme files for wpestate_select_email_type you will find around 32 occurrences for various scenarios If […]

Random Order for Search Results – Half Map

First of all please be aware that random order can dramatically increase the page loading time – especially when other database queries are made like in advanced search case.  We do not recommend this. If you want to go further in search_functions3.php file you have function wpestate_arguments_builder In this function you have an $args […]

Technical: KML layers to Google Maps

If you wish to add KML layers to Google Maps The file to edit in Wp Rentals is File path: wprentals/js/google_js/maps_base.js

Technical: How to change number of days before payment due (Send Reminder Email)

The cron that checks the event for the automatic email “Send reminder email!” has the name: setup_wpestate_full_invoice_payment_reminder The cron runs daily and sends 1 automatic email to users who have a confirmed booking that starts 3 days before the current day. There is a maximum limit of 3 emails that can be sent (1 automatic […]

How to remove countries from the dropdown

If you want to remove,add or edit a country you need to do a small code change 1. Open file wprentals-core\misc\plugin_help_functions.php and around line 557 you have function wpestate_country_list_array To add a new country add the code like in the example bellow $countries = array( esc_html__(“Your Country”, “wprentals”), esc_html__(“Afghanistan”, “wprentals”), 2. Open wprentals-core/post-types/property.php and around […]

How to remove items from theme search auto-complete

In theme we have option to use theme auto-complete for Location. See this help where is explained how to setup it: Data from autocomplete sums all details saved for each listing in these fields: City, Area, County, State, Country –> To remove from theme auto-complete data from City field must remove highlighted code from function event_wp_estate_create_auto_function from  wp-content\themes\wprentals\libs\events.php file. –> To remove […]

Remove custom price calendar table from listing page

Go to libs\listing_functions.php file and  from function wpestate_show_custom_details ()  remove the code between  line 368 to 580 that is inside to if(is_array($mega)){}. Hide with custom css .custom_day_wrapper { display: none; } @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px){ .custom_day_wrapper_mobile { display: none!important; } } How to add custom css –

Show full images in property unit without crop

In theme we have 3 design types for property unit. The images that show in the card unit are a thumb version (smaller size version of the original images) which help with speed optimization. The thumb is generated in wprentals/libs/general-settings.php  The specific line that creates the thumb is add_image_size(‘wpestate_property_listings’ , 400, 314, true); Files with […]

Technical: Remove a section from front end submit form

This is an example for how to remove amenities section. Delete the Amenities from  submission header   Go to wprentals\templates\submission_guide.php  file and delete highlighted code displayed on below screenshot: 2. Delete the Amenities from  dashboard left menu area Go to wprentals\templates\user_menu.php file and delete highlighted code displayed on below screenshot:     3.  Redirect Save button from Location step to Calendar. Go to templates\submit_templates\property_location.php […]

Show images in property slider without crop

The code for carousel vertical is in templates/property_pictures3.php file. Images are resized using these resize rules: listing_full_slider,  listing_full_slider_1 and wpestate_slider_thumb To remove the resize rule for images must edit templates/property_pictures3.php and replace above resize rules with full. Next must add below css in Theme options – Design – Custom CSS ( help: ) .carousel-inner .fancybox-thumb img { height: 337px!important; width: auto!important; […]

Technical – How to force user login on contact form

By default, a non logged user can contact any listing owner. If you want to force users to be logged in before contact property owner you need to do this change. After 2.6 theme update In wprentals/js/property.js , function wpestate_show_contact_owner_form  (around like 900) you must add the below code if( property_vars.logged_in===”yes” ){ jQuery(‘#contact_owner_modal’).modal(); enable_actions_modal_contact(); }else{ […]