WP Rentals Theme Options

How to protect Id Scan uploaded by user

Starting with 2.1 theme version images URL uploaded to verify users can be seen using its url only by site administrator as it is attached as private image. Also it is no longer indexed by search engines. Also, you can protect upload directories using Protect Uploads plugin. Before the plugin install: After the plugin install: Help for […]

Theme options – Map Marker Infobox Design

Map Marker Infobox Design area is available in Theme Options: In infobox can be replaced bedrooms no and guest no fields with two fields from below list: Property/Item City Property/Item Area Property/Item Guests Capacity Property/Item Taxes Minimum Days Security Deposit Listing Size Listing Rooms Property Bedrooms Property Bathrooms Listing Address Listing Zip Listing County Listing […]

Theme options – Listing Card Design

Listing Card Design area is available in Theme Options: Listing Unit Type Can choose between 3 unit types. Unit type 3 works only with custom fields. Design type 1: Design type 2: Design type 3 build with custom fields: Use Slider in Listing Unit? This option doesn’t apply for featured listing unit and listing shortcode […]

Theme options – Listing Page Settings

Listing Page Settings area is available in Theme Options: Listing Page Design Type You can choose between two design types. Design type 1: Design type 2: Use Custom Icon Area? If this option is enabled can customize below area from property page using custom fields. Design type 1 with custom details: Design type with custom details:

Theme options – Social Login

Social Login area is available in Theme Options: CONTENT 1. Display social login 2. Allow login via Facebook 3. Allow login via Google 4. Allow login via Yahoo   1. Display social login also on register modal window ? Enable or disable social login also on register modal window.   2. Allow login via Facebook […]

Export / Import Theme Options

To move just theme options from a domain to another, you can use the export options – import options settings available in theme options – advanced setting. Use copy/paste to move the settings and then save:

How To Add Custom CSS

You may wish to modify some design elements and that may require using a custom css. You can add custom css in Theme Options – Design  – Custom CSS. The modifications you do here are NOT overwritten when you do a theme update.   Or add the changes in child theme – style.css How to install […]

Theme Options – Booking Settings

CONTENT 1. Booking Type 2. Weekend days 3. Date Format 4. Guest number 5. Month number Settings related to booking can be found in Theme Options-General-Booking Settings:   1. Select Booking Type Can choose between below booking types: a. Per Day for all Listings b. Per Hour for all Listings c. Mixt – Owner chooses […]

Duplicate email

Duplicate Email can be found in Theme Options-Social&Contact- Contact Page Details The emails sent from the theme will be sent to this email address as well.    

How to Setup WordPress and theme to Use SSL

If you are starting a new site and/or want to use HTTPS everywhere on your site, you need to update your site URL in  Settings » General by updating your WordPress and site URL address fields.   Help: http://help.wprentals.org/article/google-maps-is-not-loading-what-settings-to-check/ If created API’s for social logins and payment options before to add SSL you must check them […]

Theme options – Splash Page

 1. Select the splash page type. Can choose between: -> Image  Must upload Splash Image, .png, .jpg or .gif format -> Video Must upload Video in mp4, webm, ogv  format and Cover Image for video Splash Page with Video: -> Image slider Must select Slider Images and Slider Transition.  2. Overlay Image Select Overlay Image, .png, .jpg or .gif format 3. Overlay […]

Theme options – Yelp Integration

Starting 1.20.4 we have added Yelp for WP Rentals theme. YELP API will show info about what’s nearby property location and their YELP ratings, like this. How it works 1.First check if YELP API works for your country. See here https://www.yelp.com/factsheet the list of countries where Yelp is available. 2.If it exists in your country […]

Theme options – How to change theme default font

The theme is designed for 1 single font, which you can change from theme options:   If you wish to add a font that is not in the supported list, please see this help: https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-add-a-google-font/  


Short video for how to add a property Price Section options The new options added are explained below: Price adjustments for a certain period are done from the same window. To set custom price click beginning date and end date (2 clicks) (updated with more options in 1.20) For each property you can select default […]

1.20 Limit the number of pins to show on the map

Starting 1.20 you will see this new option in Maps Settings – the Maximum number of pins to show on the map. This helps manage site speed. Read more here https://help.wprentals.org/article/speed-tips/ This option should be used to limit the pins on the map (if you have too many properties on the map and the site is getting […]