WP Rentals Theme Options

SMS Management by Twilio

SMS Management is offered through Twilio API https://www.twilio.com. You will need an active account with them to use their SMS service and you may need to buy extra SMS as well. Your account info will have to be added below. How to create the Twilio API and Phone Number To generate the Twilio phone number: […]

Hide booking form and replace with Owner Contact Form

From theme update 3.3 you can replace booking form with owner contact form. Go to Listing Page Settings -> Show Constact Form instead of booking form? -> YES and Save The booking form will be replaced by contact form on property / listing page. If user is logged in, form will look like this If […]

How to allow only certain users to be owners

In Theme Options -> General Settings there are 2 new options: Separate users on registration Only these users can publish Separate users on registration With this option enabled,  users are separated in 2 categories 1. who can only book 2. who can rent & book The Register form shows 2 options as checkboxes: I only […]

Add, Edit and Delete Listings Custom Fields

Add new custom fields from Theme Options -> General -> Custom Fields: We support the following custom fields: drop-downs, text fields, number fields, date fields. They always show after default fields. Recommended: For the drop-down field use a single word name. Select the fields to show in the submit form The fields must be selected […]

Theme options – Submission Payment Settings

From Submission Payment Settings you control what is related to submission and payment. Enable Paid Submission? Choose between these options: -> No =Free Property submission You can set properties to be submitted for free. More on this option here – https://help.wprentals.org/article/free-submission/ -> Paid listing = submission requires user to pay a fee for each listing. Help:  https://help.wprentals.org/article/paid-submission/ […]

Twitter Login

Take this info from https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new Login with your twitter account and follow instructions to ADD API. The API page must contain these details for twitter login to work Permission  must be set to request email address for user to get his email address in the account Copy keys and tokens from Twitter to Wp Rentals

Wire Transfer payment method

NOTE: Wire Transfer payment method doesn’t apply to Instant Booking. How to enable Wire Transfer To use this options, first, enable the option from theme options and fill in the information where you wish people to send the payment to: Since 1.21.1  theme version Wire Transfer includes HTML support. How does Wire Transfer button display in Front-End […]

How to Enable or Disable Wp Rentals Theme Cache

Enable Wp Rentals Cache The theme cache was implemented for the most used theme elements, shortcodes and widgets. You can use additionally other cache plugins for HTML, CSS because our cache doesn’t interfere with that. Theme caches several elements, and the main focus is on the property unit used in lists (properties list, taxonomy and […]

How to Manage Listings Features and Amenities

Video Tutorial Show all features or only those checked If you want to display only checked features, set the option to “NO” as in below screenshot. If you want to show all features (including those that are not available) save “YES” How to add features categories in the listing submission form After you add the […]

Submit Listing Form -> Price Details Explained

Check what price details you wish to show in submit form from Admin -> Theme Options -> Payments & Submit -> Listing Submit Page Price Section Price options are detailed below: Default Price Settings details are explained below: Price per night Price per night MUST exist for every property. Price per night for 7n+ or 30n+ Users can […]

Algolia Places

Algolia plans to retire the free version, for the moment, the new free accounts will not work anymore and the old accounts will still have free access until March 2022. In theme we have option to use address autocomplete for advanced search locations field, half map radius and front end submission. You can choose between Google Places or […]

How to protect Id Scan uploaded by user

Starting with 2.1 theme version images URL uploaded to verify users can be seen using its url only by site administrator as it is attached as private image. Also it is no longer indexed by search engines. Also, you can protect upload directories using Protect Uploads plugin. Before the plugin install: After the plugin install: Help for […]

Theme options – Map Marker Infobox Design

Map Marker Infobox Design area is available in Theme Options: In infobox can be replaced bedrooms no and guest no fields with two fields from below list: Property/Item City Property/Item Area Property/Item Guests Capacity Property/Item Taxes Minimum Days Security Deposit Listing Size Listing Rooms Property Bedrooms Property Bathrooms Listing Address Listing Zip Listing County Listing […]

Theme options – Listing Card Design

Listing Card Design area is available in Theme Options: Listing Unit Type Can choose between 3 unit types. Unit type 3 works only with custom fields. Design type 1: Design type 2: Design type 3 build with custom fields: Use Slider in Listing Unit? This option doesn’t apply for featured listing unit and listing shortcode […]

Theme Options – Design – Listing Page Settings

To manage the property page display options navigate to Theme Options > Design > Listing Page Settings. Here you have the following options which apply to all properties added from front end: Option to choose listing page design type.  There are 4 pre-built design types. Option to replace booking form from listing page with Owner […]

Theme options – Social Login

CONTENT 1. Display social login 2. Allow login via Facebook 3. Allow login via Google 4. Allow login via Twitter With Social login: Facebook, Google and Twitter: The registration happens on the API end (Facebook – Google – Twitter) and the API sends back the username – password to the theme. The user doesn’t leave […]