How to modify theme default text to a different wording with Loco Translate or Poedit

CONTENT LOCO TRANSLATE POEDIT Theme Options labels You can translate WP RENTALS default text in any language with POEDIT or LOCO TRANSLATE plugin This includes modifying English terms and replacing them with your English terms (like Zip to Postcode and so on). How to translate the languages with LOCO TRANSLATE plugin In order to rename theme words, you […]

Random Order for Search Results – Half Map

First of all please be aware that random order can dramatically increase the page loading time – especially when other database queries are made like in advanced search case.  We do not recommend this. If you want to go further in search_functions3.php file you have function wpestate_arguments_builder  http://prntscr.com/oplurg In this function you have an $args […]

Can I hide or remove the map?

Pages, Post, Owners Set global header to what you wish from Theme Options -> General Settings -> Header Taxonomy and Search Results Make sure you use the standard style for search results and taxonomy pages Change the header to categories/taxonomies to something else than google maps Advanced Search Results page will take the header as […]

Image Thumbs – How they are used

You must have thumbs to be sure your site loads fast. This is best practice in wordpress. For example, if you upload a 5000 x 700 px image and you use that in a page next to other 30 images like that, your site would take forever to load. We do not recommend deleting any rule […]

How To Add Custom CSS

You may wish to modify some design elements and that may require using a custom css. You can add custom css in Theme Options – Design  – Custom CSS. The modifications you do here are NOT overwritten when you do a theme update. Clear theme cache  

Can I change City and Neighborhood to different text labels?

First of all, please note that In WPRentals the theme is designed to save the cities/areas and states based on values added in the submit form. They shouldn’t be added from admin as the search may not work. Also, properties must be added on front end only. Also, the theme work with google places autocomplete, […]

Can the theme work with multiple rooms in the same property?

Unfortunately this is not a feature we support. Each property/room you wish to rent must be an individual property. To manage bookings by room in a single property and each room to have its own price / availability calendar and all other options we support now is a technical situation we may not be able […]

Problem: Can’t add property. Solution: Add Google Api Key

You must be sure you have a valid Google Maps API added in theme options, or else the CITY field (which uses Google Places) won’t work, and without CIty (which is a mandatory field), the submit will not go through to the next step. To add API key follow these steps: https://help.wprentals.org/article/google-maps-api-unable-to-load-the-map-and-shows-error-this-page-didnt-load-google-maps-correctly-see-the-javascript-console-for-technical-details-2/  

500 Internal server Error

The error message: Intrusivo 70 http://site.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) This error says two things: a. server responds with status 500 Please contact hosting to confirm what that means. b. JS error in wordpress files (wp-admin/admin-ajax) That is wordpress file and if wodpress errors […]

Emails are not sent. Emails not working

If you don’t receive emails in your INBOX or SPAM folder, it means your server is not sending emails or the email is not receiving.  To advise which is it, we recommend testing these settings. Check Email Management, and make sure you have a Subject and content for the emails you are testing SPAM FOLDER […]