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Check what price details you wish to show in submit form from Admin -> Theme Options -> Payments & Submit -> Listing Submit Page

Price Section

Price options are detailed below:

Default Price Settings details are explained below:

Price per night
  • Price per night MUST exist for every property.
Price per night for 7n+ or 30n+
  • Users can set a custom price per night if user books for more than 7 days (meaning 7 or more) and less than 30 days.
  • Users can set a 2nd custom price per night if user books for more than 30 days.
If you set weekend price, it will override 7d+ price or 30d+ price (so custom daily price will calculate only for week days)
To have 7d+ or 30d+ globally, the weekend price must be empty.
Taxes in %

Taxes in % (taxes are considered included in the daily price).

Check this help to understand where taxes value show (only for Owner invoice details) –

Price per weekend in Currency (only numbers)

You can select what are weekend days from Admin -> Theme Options -> Booking settings:

Cleaning Fee
  • You can select  per night, per guest or per night and guest
City Fee
  • You can select City  per night, per guest or per night and guest
  • You can also select City Fee to be a % of the price per night
 Minimum days of booking (only numbers)
  • The minimum number of days applies to any booking request. You can override this value from Price Adjustments.
Security Deposit

Security Deposit in $ it’s an amount that will be refunded if no complaints are received from the owner.

NOTE: Refund for this value can be done through the theme only if site admin installs and uses Payment Management ADD-ON from Rentals Club (which must be installed separately). 
Early Bird Discount – in % from the price per night

You can set discount in % and the number of days in advance for discount to apply.

NOTE: The number of days means discount applies when the booking is made before those x days (or more days) in advance.
Pay by Guest options:
  • Extra Price per guest per night in … and check to 
  • Check to Pay by the no of guests (all room prices will NOT be used anymore and billing will be done by guest no only)
Manage Turn Over days

Allow only bookings starting with the check in on a specific day of the week OR Allow only bookings with the check in/check out on a specific day of the week.

Extra Options

Add in booking form other options. You can select Option Name, Option Value (fixed number) and Option Calculation (fixed fee, by night, by guest or by night and guest)

Custom Prices for specific Periods

Price adjustments for a certain period are done from the same window.


To set custom price click the beginning date and end date (2 clicks) (updated with more options in 1.20)


Custom price per period can be set also from all in one calendar starting v for DAILY PRICES only.

Select dates to mark as booked for a specific property:

select dates and mark as booked

Custom price form in All In One calendar looks like this:

When user books a property, the custom price per night will display on hover.

And invoices will be calculated with the custom price.

Formulas used:

total = (inter price + expenses + manual_expense ) - early bird + city fee+ cleaning fee + sec deposit

$early_bird_discount- doesn't include extra guest, security, city fee, cleaning fee

$you_earn = $total_price - $security_deposit - floatval($city_fee) - floatval($cleaning_fee) - $service_fee;

$taxes = round ( $you_earn * $taxes_value/100,2);

$price_for_service_fee = $total_price - $security_deposit - floatval($city_fee) - floatval($cleaning_fee);

city fee % Doesn't consider price for extra guest

city fee % Doesn't consider extra expenses (added when owner issues invoice)

100% deposit includes automatically expenses (city fee / cleaning fee) - even if the option is set to NO