How To Use A Cache Plugin With Multicurrency Widget Dropdown

As long as you use any cache plugins, the plugins will cache everything, including the currency cookies and the currency switch will show your chosen currency only after cache is deleted from plugin.  Set exceptions to not cache these cookies in the cache plugin settings my_custom_curr my_custom_curr_pos my_custom_curr_symbol

Register and Login Options & Shortcode

Login / Register in required in WP Rentals to: submit properties send private messages send booking requests Here you read more on why this is needed – http://help.wprentals.org/2016/07/04/why-register-is-required-to-book-or-send-messages-in-wp-rentals/ Settings must be set to use SUBSCRIBER as default role. Enable or Disable the Login and Register options from header menu Even if you disable these from header […]


From Widgets you have a special Sidebar for Owner Page. Add/Drag widgets to Owner Page widget area.     The widgets on Owner Page will show on the right or left area of Testimonials (depends on your choice of sidebar position for each owner post), BUT ONLY, if testimonials are published.      


Go to Widgets settings. You have two widgets positions for top bar area (left and right) In demo – we added a text widget on left with Font Awesome iconfor contact details and social widget on the right.   If you want to use the same contact widget and edit it with your info, copy […]


How to set the Multi Currency Widget values Go to Price & Currency Settings and add the currencies for the widget For Currency Value use point not comma.   –> 1.3339 If you want to use the multi-currency feature, first add a default currency in the admin options. Add the new currency you can also add […]

Login and Register WIDGET

Settings must be set to use SUBSCRIBER as default role. Widget is added from Appearance -> Widgets to any sidebar available or to your custom sidebars (do not use this widget in top bar widget area as there is no space for it) Register form has 2 options managed from Theme Options -> General -> Global […]


The widget works the same as Advanced Search in Google Maps (has the same fields). For search type 3, 4 and 5 the widget can include the custom fields saved from theme options. Help – https://help.wprentals.org/article/advanced-search-type-3-and-4-custom-search-fields-setup/ Drag and drop the widget to any sidebar. Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/sidebars/   The widget will display on sidebar.  

Theme options – Twitter Widget

Video Tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCiuk6UOr88&index=15&list=PLEQZUYyA_PUktUczt5m8R4f2WMIE33pW3 This widget requires that you FIRST insert your personal Twitter account info. You do this from Admin – Appearance – Theme Options – Social & Contact. Take this info from https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new. Login with your twitter account and follow instructions to ADD Api. The API page you need should look like this […]


The WP Estate Facebook widget shows fans, stream and the Facebook header of your page, without having to look for any other detail elsewhere. You add your Facebook URL in the widget, click save and it’s done!  


In this widget you have to type the Property ID you’d like to show and a second line. The Property ID is taken from the URL of the Property Page in Admin – Properties – Edit Property. EX: In this URL http://http://wprentals.net//wp-admin/post.php?post=90&action=edit the property ID is 90. There is another way to see IDs easier. […]


WP Estate Contact widget allows you to share important information your readers need to know so they get in touch easily, such as: Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Skype ID and Web Page URL.  


With this widget all the important social accounts where you’re active can be shown on sidebar or in the footer. You can add information about the following URLs: RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Dribble, Google+, Linkedin, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, Yahoo, Deviantart, YouTube or Vimeo. Starting v1.15 we added 2 new options in the shortcode: Foursquare and Instagram. […]


By default, WP Rentals comes with these sidebar options: Primary Widget Area, Secondary Widget Area, First Footer Widget Area, Second Footer Widget Area, Third Footer Widget Area, Top Bar Left Widget Area Top Bar Right Widget Area Splash page left widget area Splash page right widget area The “Primary” and “Secondary” are for the regular […]