Multi-Languages - 3rd party

WPML – Translate Property labels

Add labels Translate Property Access Property URL in front (translated version) Look for the string in String Translation Translate the string The string shows on property page in 2nd language WPML has this way of registering custom fields because in the past they had big issues with speed because of auto researching to strings. Now […]

WPML – Translate Extra Booking Options + Custom Fields added in front end

Go to WPML -> Settings -> Custom Fields Translation and set to translate these 3 custom fields: property_custom_details, extra_pay_options and extra_options For Extra Custom fields Add extra custom field in a property in front end Translate the property Access the translation in front end   Check String Translation and translate the custom fields Check translation […]

3rd Party: Weglot Multi Language Plugin and Stripe and Paypal payments

PayPal and Stripe merchants require that the processor payment page is unique. This cannot be translated to other pages. For payments to work in other languages you must exclude these 2 pages from translation. How: Use the Exclude URL feature (WordPress Dashboard > Weglot)   Add http://yourdomain.coml/stripe-processor/ in the list. Check that this url is exact permalink name of […]

Multi Language 3rd Party Recommended Solutions

WPML Plugin type: Paid 4 years ago only WPMl was the solution to a multi-language site that supports custom fields (as our themes do). But unfortunately, WPML is a difficult plugin to manage and use since it requires translating EVERYTHING manually. We had the chance to test other multilanguage alternatives, still 3rd party plugins, but […]

WPML – Translate Modals

When this option is enabled, the modal form will work properly. Available from wpml 3.7 release (update is mandatory)

WPML translate calendar

– Add this line to your/wp-content/themes/wprentals/wpml-config.xml file just before the closing tag Deactivate and reactivate WPML Go to String Translation and select this text domain : admin_texts_wp_estate_date_lang Enter the language code for each language (screenshot). This will load the date picker per language. Add WordPress translations in all the languages   If the above does […]

WPML MultiLanguage HELP – Optional

*this plugin is not included, but it’s compatible with our theme. Must be purchased, installed and setup separately. This is only a guide help to help us WPML settings with the theme options.1 WPML is a third party plugin. You can use this to create a multi-language website. The theme has been tested by WPML […]

WPML how to sync custom price

First, make sure you have the theme updated to latest version. Then, make sure these are in the wpml-config.cml file or make sure the fields are set to COPY from Multilingual Content Setup <custom-field action=”copy”>custom_price</custom-field> <custom-field action=”copy”>mega_details</custom-field>   The default property has to be updated from the backend. The translation has to be updated from backend too. […]

WPML – How to sync owner info details

In order to achieve above wpml settings and original author has to be set to copy as well Edit your translation in admin and update it. Please make sure all your users are registered in front end. Please see this help…  

How to NOT translate properties with WPML

In WPML – Multilingual content setup you see that for Property post type it is set to translate. If you don’t wish to translate Properties you can change this option from wpml-config.xml And you have to set 0 instead of one to not translate. <custom-type translate=”0″>estate_property</custom-type>

How to make features and amenities register in WPML string translation

For new strings (like custom fields) to register – you must have the option to register new strings on.  We recommend to keep it only when you’re logged in as admin as this is a setting that will slow down your site if used on limited servers. Also, since 3.0 version new strings register in […]

WPML – How to sync availability calendar in all languages

For the bookings to sync, the below options need to be ticked as Copy from original to translation in WPML- Translation Management – Multilingual content setup Please make sure that you duplicate the property when you translate it. For the booking to appear for all languages, the property needs to be updated from admin (after the bookings […]

How to translate custom post slug in WPML

About the permalinks, you can translate the permalinks for the custom posts following these steps: – Go to WPML-> Translation Management -> Multilingual Content Setup tab – Go to Custom posts slug translation options and enable that option – When the page reloads, you can add a translation for the custom post slug (as shown […]

WPML – set pins to work for all languages

You must follow all these steps: a. In all your taxonomy translation follow this rule – Titles must match slugs.  Edit slugs from Category – Edit Category if WPMl doesn’t allow you to edit the slugs from their settings. b. Add Pins to action + category combination in every language AFTER you edit slugs from […]

WPML and Read From File YES – File does not exist message

How to make Read From File YES – generate pins.txt file in all languages. 1. Go via FTP to wpcontent/themes/wprentals/pins.txt 3. Rename pins.txt to pins-en.txt for English 4. Create new pins.txt files for each language you have. Like pins-de.txt (German) where de is replaced with the language code, and so on. 5. Go to Theme […]