Google Maps

1.20 Limit the number of pins to show on the map

Starting 1.20 you will see this new option in Maps Settings – the Maximum number of pins to show on the map. This helps manage site speed. Read more here This option should be used to limit the pins on the map (if you have too many properties on the map and the site is getting […]

Mandatory: Google Maps API KEY

Google Maps API KEY If you see this error on the map: This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. To create an API KEY, starting June 2018, you must have your billing account set too. The use of Google Maps API is free and paid services are free […]

Google Maps is not loading – what settings to check

When google maps is not loading, check the following: HALF MAP SETUP If you are on half map – make sure header of the page is google maps. Help for properties list half map Help for search results half – Help for taxonomy page half OTHER If neither of the above work, disable all plugins […]

Theme options – Map Settings

CONTENT 1. Use file reading for pins 2. Maximum number of pins 3. Google Maps API KEY 4. Map coordinates 5. Map zoom 6. Use Pin Cluster 7. Zoom level for Cloud Cluster 8. Geolocation Circle 9,10,11. Map Height 12. Style for Google Map 13. Open Street Map for Google Maps Please see below a […]