Before reading this help file you may want to check this video. It explains theme functionality and may be easier to understand. Watch Video on Youtube

1. Enable Object Rental

The Object Rental can be enabled from Theme Options – Payments & Submit – Listing Submit Page

The Object Rentals option will not support Guests so Guests will not be disabled.  Show the guest dropdown? the option needs to be set to NO.

Once the Object Rental is enabled, all per night labels in the theme will become per day.

2. Set Submission form

From the Theme Options – Payments & Submit – Listing Submit Page you can set the fields that will show in the submission form and also change the labels for Main and Secondary categories in both Submission form and Search form.

3. How to set the booking type

You can choose between bookings Per day, Per Hour, or Mixt booking from Theme Options-General-Booking Settings

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