When you set a value for deposit and/or service fee, the payments will always go to the Admin accounts (PayPal, Stripe or any merchant set in WooCommerce). Here are some video tutorials that explain the different options of the theme

Video tutorial for how to manage bookings if no deposit and service fee are required Watch Video on Youtube
Video tutorial for how to manage bookings when admin collects the full booking amount Watch Video on Youtube
Video tutorial for how to manage bookings if deposit and service fee values are greater than 0 Watch Video on Youtube


Admin sets in theme options

  • a Global deposit value and
  • (optional setting) the site service fee value. Site service fee is the admin fee

Either of these can be in % or a fixed amount and apply to every booking request. Deposit must include the service fee.

If the deposit is different than 0, payment is mandatory for booking to be confirmed

If the deposit is different than 0, the user submitting a booking request must pay that deposit before booking is confirmed.

For booking confirmations there are 2 scenarios:

But in both scenarios, the final step is for the user to pay the deposit asked for booking to be confirmed.

If the admin wishes to get just a % deposit of booking as his service fee and let the remaining payment to be handled outside the theme, between user/owner, he can do that.

In the user dashboard – a confirmed booking will show the deposit paid and the remaining balance to be paid.

Paying the remaining balance (“Pay invoice in full”) through the theme to the admin account is still possible, but not mandatory. The option can be removed with simple CSS if desired.

Here are the options detailed:

Include expenses when calculating the deposit?

Choose if wish to include expenses when calculating deposit. The expenses are:

  • city fee and
  • cleaning fee.
If you have 100% deposit – city and cleaning fee MUST be included (set to yes)

Deposit fee

Use the deposit field to take from the user submitting the request a part (or full payment) of the booking total payment in order to confirm the booking.

If you take only a part to confirm the booking, the other part (remaining payment) can be paid before booking starts (but making full payment via the site is optional).

The deposit fee – it is taken from the user account and into admin account when payment is made and is DEDUCTED from total booking costs (owner total booking)

The standard booking process, without instant checkout, enabled:

  • a. Send booking request
  • b. The owner approves or rejects request
  • c. If Owner approves, he issues an invoice.
  • d. Renter must pay the invoice deposit fee (if the admin has set that) in order for booking to be confirmed. Payment goes to the admin account

The standard booking process with instant checkout enabled

  • a. Send a booking request
  • b. Renter must pay the invoice deposit fee (if the admin has set that) in order for booking to be confirmed.
  • c. Payment goes to admin account
NOTE: For deposit value, use % OR fixed value (not both). Set 0 if you don’t wish to take any DEPOSIT (in which case set 0 for Service fee as well)

Service fee

The fee that goes to the site administrator and is deducted from owner earnings, but it is paid by the user submitting the request as part of the deposit.

Because service fee is part of the deposit, it is important for deposit value to be greater/equal than service fee value.
NOTE: We do not consider fees in the process. You should set the service fee as well, to include any costs you have (including fees). The payments are you send to owner are total – service fee – minus security fee (if that is set by owner). 

If you use 0 for Deposit, use 0 for the Service fee

For Service value, use % OR fixed value (not both). Service fee = site admin fee

If you wish to take Service fee, the service fee is deducted from DEPOSIT, so Deposit SHOULD NOT be left blank or 0 and Deposit should always be GREATER than Service fee (+ city, cleaning fee expenses, if that is set to be included in deposit)

Service fee shows in Owner dashboard – View Invoice Details

Service fee is deducted from owner earnings

Merchants to process payments

The theme supports several merchants. Money goes always to admin accounts.

a. Theme included merchants

PayPal – help to setup paypal https://help.wprentals.org/article/paypal-set-up/

Stripe- help to setup stripe https://help.wprentals.org/article/stripe-set-up/

Wire Transfer – help to setup wire transfer – https://help.wprentals.org/article/wire-transfer-payment-method/

b. Woo Commerce supported merchants

You can disable theme merchants and use any WooCommerce supported merchants to process money to admin.

Help to enable WooCommerce option – https://help.wprentals.org/article/install-woocommerce-and-use-woocommerce-payments/

Woo Commerce supports hundreds of merchants and each will have its documentation on Woo Website. The theme booking is independent from Woo. We only process the payments through Woo merchants, but money goes always to site admin.