Email Notifications

SMS Management by Twilio

SMS Management is offered through Twilio API You will need an active account with them to use their SMS service and you may need to buy extra SMS as well. Your account info will have to be added below. That is the number that needs to be added in Theme Options. SMS Lists SMS […]

Technical: Where to change email parameters?

The send email function are in wprentals-core plugin in misc/emailfunctions.php file There are several functions wpestate_select_email_type – which selects the email type wpestate_emails_filter_replace – replaces the placeholders (%invoice ) in content wpestate_send_emails – actually sends email If you look into the theme files for wpestate_select_email_type you will find around 32 occurrences for various scenarios If […]

Technical: How to change number of days before payment due (Send Reminder Email)

The cron that checks the event for the automatic email “Send reminder email!” has the name: setup_wpestate_full_invoice_payment_reminder The cron runs daily and sends 1 automatic email to users who have a confirmed booking that starts 3 days before the current day. There is a maximum limit of 3 emails that can be sent (1 automatic […]

Duplicate email for administrator

Duplicate Email can be found in Theme Options-> Social&Contact-> Contact Page Details This email will get a duplicate of all emails sent from the theme – read more about these notifications here

Theme Options – Advanced – Email Management

The emails sent from the theme can be managed from Theme Options > Advanced > Email Management. You can leave blank the subject field and the notification will NOT be sent. This applies to any notification from Theme Options > Advanced > Email Management. The email management text area has Visual Editor and Text Editor. In Text Editor, you can use inline styles, add the […]

Theme Email Notifications

Notification when sending booking request User sending the booking request sees this message in booking form: User receiving the booking request gets this email message You have received a new booking request on!  Go to your account in Bookings page to see the request, issue the invoice or reject it! The property is: […]

Emails are not sent. Emails not working

If you don’t receive emails in your INBOX or SPAM folder, it means your server is not sending emails or the email is not receiving.  To advise which is it, we recommend testing these settings. Check Email Management, and make sure you have a Subject and content for the emails you are testing SPAM FOLDER […]