The iCalendar Feature is a way to synchronize your listing reservation data with other websites. For example you published several properties on your WPRentals website but to maximise their exposure you also added them to Now the challenge is to mark as busy (in wprentals site) the dates that are booked on And vice versa: marked as busy on airbnb the dates booked on WPRentals sites.

The Icalendar page is not actual a page that you would use to display information for the users. The page you will create will be used only by 3rd party web sites (like airbnb or homeaway) to read your calendar details.

Note if you access the page directly you would see only a error message . This is ok – this is how it should function. After you created the page you can go to the add property/edit property page and go to Calendar Section in user dashboard. The export / import options are there.


Create the page for iCalendar feed.


How iCalendar works:


The only thing you need to do for exporting a feed in iCalendar format is to create a page in wordpress admin with the template: ICAL FEED . Once that page is generated the link you can find in calendar section becomes active and you can export the booking data into other websites like or

To export your calendar data you should copy that url (for ex and paste it into the 3rd party website. Below is a screen capture with the airbnb import feature. This is where you should post the link and airbnb will read the booking data from your website and synchronize it with the the their version of the listing’.


Note: the iCalendar link will export data in ics format which is non readable by web browsers.


In the calendar section you need to paste the external feed of the iCalendar. Once you hit save the first synchronization is made and data gets imported. There is also a cron job that will check the feed every 3h hours for the new info. If you want to manually trigger the synchronisation just push save again.

The feed you paste in there is created by other 3rd party websites . In the image below you see the feed from

The external booking data will appear in the calendar page with a special purple label (bookings made on your website will be in green label). It would show either the external source (like airbnb) or external (in cases like homeaway – because they don’t add the name in the UID parameter in iCalendar feed) .


Starting 1.20 you can import multiple feeds

This option allows you to add feeds from multiple platforms (like Airbnb, Homeaway etc at the same time)

How to get to calendar tab:

Go to user dashboard – my properties – edit property:

edot property

And then to Calendar Tab:

calendar tab

calendar tab 2




iCalendar feed cron