You can enable Instant booking for each property as you add or edit a listing. Here is a video tutorial that explains these steps.

In this video, you will learn how to enable the Instant booking option per listing, how to manage bookings with no deposit fee required , how to manage bookings with deposit/service fees bigger than 0 and how to manage bookings if you use WOO commerce plugin for payments.(all with instant booking enabled) Watch Video on Youtube

Enable Instant Booking

Access the front end dashboard by going to My Properties -> Add / Edit property -> Description settings.

By default the option for Instant Booking is un-checked. Check the option and save the modifications.

How INSTANT BOOKING works if ADMIN FEE payment is required

A user sends a booking request and must pay the deposit to site admin instantly for the booking to be confirmed, if Admin has set a deposit value.

Live demo –

First Login / register to send the booking request.

Then pay with Stripe or  PayPal the deposit to site admin.

After payment is done, booking is confirmed the user who sent the request can check his reservation in his dashboard account -> My Reservations

How to pay the required deposit with Instant Booking without having to login first

If you enable WOOCommerce for payments and use Instant Booking, the payment for deposit will be processed instantly and user will not have to login first.

How to use INSTANT BOOKING with ADMIN FEE set to 0

A user sends a booking request, it is confirmed instantly.

How to hide Instant Booking

Instant booking can be hidden with CSS from submitting form

.col-md-12 #instant_booking {
    margin-left: 15px;
    display: none;

[for="instant_booking"] {
display: none!important;

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