Property / Listing

How to work with the Listing Page Layout Manager

The option can be found in Theme Options-Design-Listing Page Layout Manager.  The option will be available for theme versions higher than 3.7   The section will have an option with Yes/No and an option with  Drag and Drop,  to set the elements that will show in listing page and to order the elements on the […]

Login & Register

In the WpRentals theme the Login & Register forms are displayed as: Modal when User login menu option is enabled from Theme Options > General > Header. On modal is also displayed an image and a message that are setup on Header section as well. Mobile Login & Register form Shortcode inside page when is used  Login & Register shortcode […]

Videos – How to add a listing

1. Add the User Dashboard pages 2. Manage the booking details for submission form 3. Manage property categories 4. Manage custom fields and default listing fields 5. Add a new property Related Articles: How to create user dashboard pages Theme Options-Booking settings How to enable Instant booking Increase the months in the calendar How to […]

Virtual Tour in Property Page

How to add virtual tour from admin backend To add a tour, you must copy/paste the embed code in Property Details – Property Media – Virtual Tour   How to add virtual tour from front end submit from The same option can be used in front-end submission form (what fields should show are managed from theme […]

Upload PDF documents to a property

PDF files can be uploaded from admin or front end submission form. The documents will show in a separate area, under DOCUMENTS title. How to add PDF documents from submit form PDF documents are uploaded the same way property images are Help –

How to manage Sleeping Arrangement / Bed Types Section

Starting theme update 2.8.5 there is a new section on Property Page – Sleeping Arrangement How to manage these fields to show in the submit form Enable Bedrooms field to be part of submit form And type the list of beds you wish to display in Labels Settings In submit form the types of beds […]

How to manage Terms & Cancellations Policy Section from Listing Page

Starting theme update 2.8.5 there is a new section on Property Page – Terms and Conditions How to manage these fields to show in submit form Enable the options to be part of submit form Then the fields show in Submit Form -> Details Section How to change the section text label Go in Theme […]

Property Fields Names

You can use Admin – Edit Property – Right Click – Inspect Element to find the property fields names (additional to wordpress standard field names for Title and Description)   Address -> property_address County -> property_county State -> property_state Zip -> property_zip Country -> property_country City-> property_city

How to add / edit images in a property

How to add Images to a property Check Media field is saved to show in submit form Go to Theme Options -> Listing Submit Page -> Select the fields for listing submission -> And check Property Media as in this screenshot. Save. Select how many images to upload to a property from Theme Options: To […]

How to Manage Listings Features and Amenities

Show all features or only those checked If you want to display only checked features, set the option to “NO” as in below screenshot. If you want to show all features (including those that are not available) save “YES” How to add features categories in the listing submission form After you add the new features […]

Property Taxonomies: Category, What do you want to rent, City and Area

CONTENT How to set the number of properties per page for Taxonomy page How to add or edit a category Add child categories: How to see a Taxonomy page Add a taxonomy page to the menu Change the header of the Taxonomy page Change the layout of the taxonomy page. Change sidebar type and position. […]

Featured Properties: How they work

Depending on the paid submission type chosen by the site admin there are 3 ways to make a property featured: 1. If you enable Membership System – you create the packages in admin and you have to specify how many included listings and how many featured listings. The user buys a package and then he can list properties […]

Submit Listing Form -> Price Details Explained

Check what price details you wish to show in submit form from Admin -> Theme Options -> Payments & Submit -> Listing Submit Page Price Section Price options are detailed below: Default Price Settings details are explained below: Price per night Price per night MUST exist for every property. Price per night for 7n+ or 30n+ Users can […]

How to set google map header for property action and category

After 2.5.3 theme update Select header type for Taxonomies from Theme Options -> General –> Header you must make sure Media Header Type for Taxonomy? Any header different than Google Maps will require using a Standard list template for Taxonomy pages. This is managed in Theme Options – Appearance – the option for Property List Type […]

How to set Image header for property action and category

1. In Theme Options – Appearance – the option for Property List Type for Taxonomy pages must be set to Standard: 2. From Theme Options-General-Header enable the option to set the uploaded image as header 3. You need to upload an image to the property action/category. How it looks:

How to set the location of a property on the map

Hide the property location until booking is confirmed If you wish to hide the property location until the booking is confirmed, please enable the following in theme options. If this is enabled, property location stays hidden on property page Save submit form to include Property Latitude & Property Longitude Select and save Property Latitude and […]

How to make property custom taxonomy page Half Map style

In Theme Options -> General –> Appearance –> the option for Property List Type for Taxonomy pages must be set to Half Map: This will apply for all custom taxonomies: category, what do you want to rent, city and area. And from Theme Options -> General –> Header you must make sure Media Header Type […]

How to change property page design as in our demos

Property page design options are managed from Theme Options-Design-LISTING PAGE SETTINGS     Property Page design type 1: Property page design type 2: Property page design type 3: Property page design type 4: (new design added from 2.8.4 theme version)

Hide Property ID from Property Page

Property ID can be hidden with css. This value is assigned automatically by wordpress and it’s a unique number. .list_detail_prop_id{ display:none; } You can add this in Design – Custom Colors – Custom CSS Before adding this css the property page includes Property ID After this css is added, Property ID doesn’t show