Property / Listing

How to add / edit images in a property

Properties must be submitted in Front End and use admin edit property only to edit certain elements (please consider that some elements can be modified only in front end). Possible issues that can happen when submitting from admin: Contact info doesn’t show.  If you don’t want to create the owner account separately make sure you add […]

Property Taxonomies: Category, What do you want to rent, City and Area

CONTENT How to set number of properties per page for Taxonomy page How to add or edit a category Add child categories: How to see a Taxonomy page Add a taxonomy page to the menu Change the header of the Taxonomy page Change the layout of the taxonomy page. Change sidebar type and position. The […]

Featured Properties: How they work

In theme can choose between 3 option for submission: For Free Submission: If Paid Submission is set to NO (which means submission is free), user cannot make a listing featured from front end submission dashboard. Only Admin can do that from admin – edit listing. For paid listing: User must pay the price to publish a […]


Check what price details you wish to show in submit form from Admin -> Theme Options -> Payments & Submit -> Listing Submit Page Short video for how to add a property Price Section The new options added are explained below: Price adjustments for a certain period are done from the same window. To set custom […]

How to set the location of a property on the map

Hide the property location until booking is confirmed If you wish to hide the property location until the booking is confirmed, please enable the following in theme options. If this is enabled, property location stays hidden on property page Set Property Map PIN with Address You can choose between algolia and google places. Agolia If […]

How to make property custom taxonomy page Half Map style

After 2.5.3 theme update 1. In Theme Options -> General –> Appearance –> the option for Property List Type for Taxonomy pages must be set to Half Map: This will apply for all custom taxonomies: category, what do you want to rent, city and area. 2. And from Theme Options -> General –> Header you […]

How to change property page design as in our demos

Property page design options are managed from Theme Options-Design-LISTING PAGE SETTINGS     Property Page design type 1: Property page design type 2: Property page design type 3: Property page design type 4: (new design added from 2.8.4 theme version)

Hide Property ID from Property Page

Property ID can be hidden with css. This value is assigned automatically by wordpress and it’s a unique number. .list_detail_prop_id{ display:none; } You can add this in Design – Custom Colors – Custom CSS Before adding this css the property page includes Property ID After this css is added, Property ID doesn’t show

Retina pins. Pins not showing on the map on retina devices.

Starting version 1.17 you can add also retina images for property pins. If you use the theme default categories and actions – the retina images will be automatically loaded from wprentals/css/css-images If you add custom new pins for edited/new categories or actions from theme options you’ll have to add the retina version of your pins […]

When can price per night be 0

Starting theme update version 1.17, price per night can be 0, BUT with the following conditions: Admin booking fee is 0 2. Pins on demand doesn’t work with no price per property. Read more about this feature here ————- In this scenario with price per night 0, you can use just Cleaning Fee and no […]

How to Add Extra info/text on top of Taxonomy page *

*This option applies for page standard view only (not half map) This option does not apply for HALF MAP design. First create a page and add content / images to it. Then install Reveal IDs plugin to see id easier or take the ID from edit page url. You can see it by using the […]

Emails are not sent. Emails not working

If you don’t receive emails in your INBOX or SPAM folder, it means your server is not sending emails or the email is not receiving.  To advise which is it, we recommend to test these settings SPAM FOLDER Each email provider has it’s own spam filters (a combination of email + the source of the email + […]


Similar Listings on Property Page display the last 3 published listings from the same: Category and Where do you want to live? and City All 3 must match to show similar listings. The code function is set in wprentals/templates/similar_listings.php

Edit, View, Add – Listing Categories (taxonomies)

Edit Demo Categories From the Admin – Properties. Go with the mouse over the category name. From those options you can edit/delete/view. Do the same for all custom taxonomies available. Add Listing categories We recommend using the option to Add City or Add Area only if you plan to use the dropdown option for these […]

Property Post – Info about add property or edit property from Admin

Properties must be submitted in Front End or else you’ll face these problems: the city/area/country may not be set correctly so search with google places doesn’t work. calendar and Custom prices can be managed only from front end submission. Instant booking is enabled only in front end dashboard How to switch between Admin and Owner account […]