Advanced Search Options

How use Algolia places

In theme we have option to use address autocomplete for advanced search locations field, half map radius and front end submission. You can choose between Google Places or Algolia autocomplete. 1. Enable Algolia places and setup api Go to Theme options – Map and select algolia:   Next must setup Algolia App Id and Algolia API Key.   You can get […]

Theme Options – Advanced Search Settings

CONTENT 1.Search globally 2.Search over images 3.On demand 4.Google Places 5.Theme Places 6.Categories dropdown Advanced Search Settings area is available in Theme Options:   1. Show Advanced search globally This option enables or disables the option to show search in header media in all pages/posts. If the option is set to NO, the header media […]

Theme Options – Advanced Search Form

CONTENT 1. Search type 2. Price Slider 3. Show Amenities and Features 4. Amenities and Features for Search 5. Beds, bathrooms or rooms Dropdowns 6. Search 3 label 7. No of Search fields 8. Search fields per row 8. Custom fields Setup Advanced Search Form area is available in Theme Options: 1. Select search type […]

Theme Options – Geo Location Search

The radius search is managed from Search Settings – Geo Location Search. Applies only for the half map style page (advanced search results, properties list half page and taxonomy half-if that is enabled) You can: – enable/disable this option entirely, – show the radius in miles or km, – set the minim and maxim radius […]

Theme Options – Advanced Search Form Position

sticky_search float_form_search search_before CONTENT 1. Sticky search 2. Float Search 3. Search form before the header   1. Use sticky search? If is setup to YES  the advanced search will replace the sticky header . Doesn’t apply to search type 2.   2. Use Float Search Form? If is setup to YES  must  Configure options : -> Distance […]

Theme Options – Advanced Search Colors

Advanced Search colors can be edited from theme options: For older theme versions you can modify the button colors with this custom css: This colors is modified with this css in theme options – design – custom css or child theme style.css (if you activate it from theme pack) #submit_booking_front, #advanced_submit_widget, #advanced_submit_2_mobile, #advanced_submit_2 { margin-top: […]

Advanced Search Type 1 and 2 & Custom Search Fields

Search Type 1: Style 2: Style 1 or 2 is controlled from Theme Options – Advanced Search Same search can be used as Widget or Shortcode, which includes additionally the price slider. For Advanced Search Results (half map), Properties List Half Map and Taxonomy Page Half Map we have extended search fields options which search/filter […]

Advanced Search Type 3 and 4 & Custom Search Fields Setup

1. Select search type 3 or 4 from WPRentals options -> Search -> Advanced Search Form: Search Type 3 – horizontal with custom fields   Search Type 4 – horizontal with 3 default fields (title keyword, first and 2nd category) + custom search fields).   2. If selected search type 3 must Setup Advanced Search Label […]

Advanced Search Location Search Options

Starting 1.30 theme update, for Advanced Search and Location there are 4 possibilities. Location options apply to all the search types supported: Search Type 1 – vertical with default fields Search Type 2 – horizontal with default fields Search Type 3 – horizontal with custom fields Search Type 4 – horizontal with 3 default fields (title […]


The Advanced Search shortcode can be added in page content. This is how it will show on front end  


Theme includes Advance Search page when you install the theme. You don’t need to create another one. Just go to Pages – Edit Page and edit settings. Permalinks must be set to custom for Advanced Search Results Page. You can choose between 2 Advanced Search Results layouts Standard Layout Half Map Layout Remember that this […]