This page lists all bookings received as property owner.

How to create My Bookings

If you’re not importing demo content create the page from admin – add page following the below screenshot details:

Bookings Status Details

1. Pending status when user waits for owner to confirm or reject his request

If the owner enabled instant booking, this status will not apply.

2. Invoice issued, when owner issues the invoice for the booking

On this page, the owner can manage the booking made for his properties.

Here, the owner has the option to issues invoices, delete/cancel bookings, and add discounts or extra fees in the invoice.

After the invoice is issued, the renter must now pay to Admin the deposit FEE needed to confirm booking. The user can still cancel his booking request at this point.

Learn more about how Admin manages the site deposit fee and what merchants you can use for payment here.

2. Confirmed status

A booking is confirmed, which means the user has paid the Admin fee (if admin requires that) or the invoice was just issued (if admin sets his fee to 0).

At this point, the owner can VIEW INVOICE details, he can contact user and he can cancel a confirmed booking request.