My Profile Payment Info/Hidden Field

Use this field in front User Dashboard to add private info only admin can see. Admin can view this info in owners – edit owner Or in users / edit user How to hide the field Add this custom css https://help.wprentals.org/article/3029/ [for=”payment_info”] { display: none; } [id=”payment_info”] { display: none; }

How to protect Id Scan uploaded by user

Starting with 2.1 theme version images URL uploaded to verify users can be seen using its url only by site administrator as it is attached as private image. Also it is no longer indexed by search engines. Also, you can protect upload directories using Protect Uploads plugin. Before the plugin install: After the plugin install: Help for […]

Verify Owner

Starting version 1.20.5 we have added the option for admin to verify Owners. After the Owner registers, in My Profile page he will have the option to UPLOAD AN ID SCAN The Owner will need to upload an image The admin will be notified via email   and will need to go to admin-Users to […]

Use WpRentals for a single property / single owner

The theme can work for a single property. You can disable submit for other people and manage this property with an user of your own. Steps to get you started: 1. You install a demo –  Help – http://help.wprentals.org/article/demo-setup-with-1-click-demo-import/ You delete all demo properties – owners – blog posts from admin (but this way you […]

Owner Contact Info – how it works

Contact info on owner page is hidden by default for non registered users and registered users with NO confirmed booking. Info shows only to users who have at least 1 confirmed booking or is user checks his own profile. Admin ca see all contact info by default. Owner cannot see the contact info of the […]

Owner info doesn’t show. What to do.

*There is 1 user level in our theme. “Owners ” is the default name attached to this user level. Owner applies for user adding properties, and user sending booking requests.  **All users registering in front end will be also saved as owners and they will have a profile page attached to their account.  ***Users must […]

Emails are not sent. Emails not working

If you don’t receive emails in your INBOX or SPAM folder, it means your server is not sending emails or the email is not receiving.  To advise which is it, we recommend to test these settings SPAM FOLDER Each email provider has it’s own spam filters (a combination of email + the source of the email + […]


Owners List is a custom page page template that lists all owners profiles. Each user registered in front end will have an owner profile attached. Read here more –https://help.wprentals.org/article/owner-post-settings/ The pagination for this page is set in theme code. To learn what “owner” is – please go to https://help.wprentals.org/article/owner-post-settings/ The list will look like this (this […]


*There is 1 user level in our theme. Owners – is default name attached to this user level. Owner applies for user adding properties, and user sending booking requests.  **Starting 1.16 only users who select “I want to book and rent” will have an owner profile page attached to their account. (applies only if you enable […]