5. User dashboard pages


Check what price details you wish to show in submit form from Admin -> Theme Options -> Payments & Submit -> Listing Submit Page Short video for how to add a property Price Section The new options added are explained below: Price adjustments for a certain period are done from the same window. To set custom […]

MY BOOKINGS Custom Page Template

If you’re not importing demo content create the page from admin – add page following the below screenshot details: This is how the page looks in front end. If you do not wish to charge a booking fee, make sure that you add 0 in Theme Options-Membership and Payment Settings and not leave blank. Starting […]

How to be redirected to a specific page after submitting a property

If you wish to be redirected to a specific page after you completed to submit a property, you need to add new code  in ajaxcalls_add.js   You need to search in ajaxcalls_add.js after the button ID which is edit_calendar and add highlighted code as displayed in below screenshot. Replace URL: with your own url.    

iCalendar Import / Export

CONTENT About Ical Export-Import How iCalendar works: Hourly Ical Edit Cron Timing About Ical Export-Import The iCalendar Feature is a way to synchronize your listing reservation data with other websites. For example, you published several properties on your WPRentals website but to maximize their exposure you also added them to airbn.com. Now the challenge is […]


Only owner will have Reservation Fee invoices. These are the invoices he has issued for his own properties booking requests received. This is how the page looks in front end – in user dashboard, for Booking Rquests. All users will see invoices for Paid Listing, Featured Listing, Paid listing with Featured, or Membership. Admin will […]

My Inbox. Theme private message system.

Only registered users can send messages because messages are sent through a private message system that saves all notifications sent in the theme in front end and in wp-admin as well.  Messages cannot be saved in the theme and in user dashboard unless messages are sent by registered users. Messages are sent in front end only […]

My Reservations Page

This page lists all reservations made by the user (pending, pending invoice payment or confirmed). From the same page user can post a review after this trip has been completed (so after the end date of the booking) How to create My Reservations To create the page (if you’re not importing demo content) follow these steps: This is how the page looks in the front end, with a reservation pending property owner […]


Users (who are registered) can save favorite properties. For the page to exist in user dashboard, you must create it as explained below. Users will then save a property And see their favorites in user dashboard.  

Submit Property – from User Dashboard in front end

First, create the submission page in admin (if you didn’t import demo content) Add New Property page will show for users in 2 situations: 1. Non logged users Who click on Submit button in Menu. See here how to disable this option http://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-hide-the-submit/ 2. For registered Users in User Dashboard – Add New Listing menu Submission […]


  To create the page – add a new page with the template as in the screenshot below: The page will look like this in front end, user dashboard – only for registered users. Starting version 1.15 in User Dashboard – My Properties list users will have a new option for each property: Enable Listing […]


This page should be created ONLY IF you enabled Membership for front end submission – in Admin – Theme Options – Membership Settings.   See Membership Chapter – https://help.wprentals.org/article/membership-submission/  

My Profile Page in User Dashboard

My Profile is a dashboard page that shows in front-end dashboard ONLY IF there is a published page with the custom page template “User Dashboard Profile Page” as in this screenshot: The profile form allows a user to enter manually details such as: First Name Last Name About Me text description Email Skype Phone Mobile […]