WP Rentals Payment

Install WooCommerce and use WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce is supported for the following options: Paid Submission (pay for a listing to be published and separately for a listing to be marked as featured) Pay for bookings (deposit and the remaining balance can be paid through WooCommerce payment methods) How to install WooCommerce Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Type WooCommerce -> […]

Theme options – Submission Payment Settings

From Submission Payment Settings you control what is related to submission and payment. Enable Paid Submission? Choose between these options: -> No =Free Property submission You can set properties to be submitted for free. More on this option here – https://help.wprentals.org/article/free-submission/ -> Paid listing = submission requires user to pay a fee for each listing. Help:  https://help.wprentals.org/article/paid-submission/ […]

Wire Transfer payment method

NOTE: Wire Transfer payment method doesn’t apply to Instant Booking. How to enable Wire Transfer To use this options, first, enable the option from theme options and fill in the information where you wish people to send the payment to:   Since 1.21.1  theme version Wire Transfer includes HTML support. How does Wire Transfer button display in […]

My Profile Payment Info/Hidden Field

Use this field in front User Dashboard to add private info only admin can see. Admin can view this info in owners – edit owner Or in users / edit user  

Featured Properties: How they work

In theme can choose between 3 option for submission: For Free Submission: If Paid Submission is set to NO (which means submission is free), user cannot make a listing featured from front end submission dashboard. Only Admin can do that from admin – edit listing. For paid listing: User must pay the price to publish a […]

Technical: How to change number of days before payment due

The code is in templates\book-listing-user-unit.php  and  templates\book-listing-unit.php Screenshots: When you add Deposit fee the users receive an automatic email with 3 days before booking start date. In below screenshot is displayed how to change when payment is sent.  

3rd Party: Weglot Multi Language Plugin and Stripe and Paypal payments

PayPal and Stripe merchants require that the processor payment page is unique. This cannot be translated to other pages. For payments to work in other languages you must exclude these 2 pages from translation. How: Use the Exclude URL feature (WordPress Dashboard > Weglot)   Add http://yourdomain.coml/stripe-processor/ in the list. Check that this url is exact permalink name of […]


Decide from the beginning if you want to have PAID submission or Membership Packages. Decide from the beginning what are the free membership listings included and the number of featured included. Each new account gets a free MEMBERSHIP at registration, with free listings included and free featured listings set by Admin. If you change this limit, […]


Decide from the beginning if you want to have PAID submission or Membership Packages. Make sure you set price for submission (0 is not supported). Paid Listings don’t have an expiration date.  Changing options on the way, after your users have already registered and sent listings, is NOT recommended as the theme doesn’t count listings […]

Stripe Merchant Set-Up Tutorial

WpRentals is ready for the SCA regulations that apply starting from September 2019 in Europe. The new Stripe API is available from theme WpRentals v2.7. Who can use Stripe This list covers all currencies supported by Stripe – https://support.stripe.com/questions/which-currencies-does-stripe-support.  Check here to confirm if you can create a stripe account in your country – https://stripe.com/global […]


Video Tutorial to set-up PayPal – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jHBKwzYHMs&index=3&list=PLEQZUYyA_PUktUczt5m8R4f2WMIE33pW3 Important! PayPal doesn’t work if in membership packages titles use punctuation.