In Theme Options -> General-> Login& Register there are 2 new options:

  • Separate users on registration
  • Only these users can publish

Separate users on registration

With this option enabled,  users are separated in 2 categories

  • 1. who can only book
  • 2. who can rent & book

The Register form shows 2 options as checkboxes:

  • I only want to book
  • I want to rent my property

The user who checks: I only want to book

These users will have the user dashboard pages limited to those from below screenshot (no pages for submit)

User who checks: I want to rent my property

These users will have the user dashboard with all pages, including submitting property:

IMPORTANT: When using login through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo) – the user is disconnected from the site register and is taken over by the API of the social login which registers and logins the users. In this case, user will have the default options (which include submit) even if you enable the option to select between users who rent and users who rent and book.

DON’T Separate users on registration

If you choose the option to NOT separate users on registration, all users who register will have all user dashboard pages (including submit).

This is how the user dashboard page looks like:

Separate users on registration & Limit submit to specific users

To limit submit to specific users, you must set the users with , no space, as in below screenshot.

IMPORTANT! Don’t add space between user names.

Then only those specific usernames will have full dashboard pages.

The rest will have the dashboard with limited pages (not submit options).