Add new custom fields from Theme Options -> General -> Custom Fields:

We support the following custom fields:

  • drop-downs,
  • text fields,
  • number fields,
  • date fields.

They always show after default fields.

Recommended: For the drop-down field use a single word name.

Select the fields to show in the submit form

The fields must be selected to show in the submit form.

How custom fields display

As you add or edit a listing, you see the custom fields in the Listing Submit Form form, after the default fields.

Go to User dashboard ->  My Listings -> Edit Listings -> Details

On The Property Pages the custom fields filled in are listed under LISTING DETAILS section, after the theme default fields

Custom details by Property

From the same section you can add Custom Details for each property.

They will show after the Property Custom Fields you add in Theme Options always.

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