From Submission Payment Settings you control what is related to submission and payment.

Enable Paid Submission?

Choose between these options:

-> No =Free Property submission

You can set properties to be submitted for free.

More on this option here –

-> Paid listing = submission requires user to pay a fee for each listing.


-> Membership = submission is based on user membership package.


Control if you wish to enable Sandbox or LIVE mode for payments:

Submitted Listings should be approved by admin?

From this area you enable if you wish properties submissions to be approved automatically (after payment if received, if payment is required) or manually (admin always reviews submissions)

NO – means submissions are approved automatically

YES – means submissions are approved manually


From the same area you selected Payment currency:

These are currencies supported by PayPal. PayPal or Stripe can only work with supported currencies. Check the help for PayPal SET-UP and Stripe SET-UP for info on how to see what currencies is supported:

Wire Transfer

To use this options, first, enable the option from theme options and fill in the information where you wish people to send the payment to:

Also if you wish to use just Wire Transfer and your currency is not on this list, you can add your currency.