Enable Wp Rentals Cache

The theme cache was implemented for the most used theme elements, shortcodes and widgets. You can use additionally other cache plugins for HTML, CSS because our cache doesn’t interfere with that.

Theme caches several elements, and the main focus is on the property unit used in lists (properties list, taxonomy and property shortcode), because these lists have a lot of data. Cache saves the number of requests sent to the database, which helps loading pages faster. And this a highly recommended solution for good speed results in general which we wanted to offer to our clients. Also, it’s important to mention that theme Cache renews automatically every 4 hours.

Clients can manually delete cache at any time using the “Delete Cache” button from admin dashboard top bar.  Or turn it off from Theme Options:

However, we strongly recommend using this caching system and not turning it off as we’ve studied the solution intensively and we know what advantages it has over site usability. No cache plugin can replace the cache we have implemented since it’s specific to theme features and only using this cache you can have the advantages that come with it.