Plugin type: Paid

Weglot is really easy to work with, doesn’t need to translate anything besides the labels and shows all bookings/properties in all languages without any hassle. You get bookings synced automatically which WPML cannot do unless you translate manually and that is the biggest plugin of all.

Website: https://weglot.com/

Pricing Details -> https://weglot.com/pricing

You login and you can modify wrong translations like this

Demos: https://wprentals.weglot-translate.com/

You get a free test account on registration and it’s easy to setup and test for yourself. This one we had the chance to test ourselves and was really easy to use.


Plugin type: Paid

4 years ago only WPMl was the solution to a multi-language site that supports custom fields (as our themes do). But unfortunately, WPML is a difficult plugin to manage and use since it requires translating everything manually from wp-admin dashboard.

Based on the assistance of WPML plugin developers, we made the theme WPML compatible (we integrated special code from them to make certain elements translate: custom fields in particular). Please keep in mind that WPML is a multilanguage plugin which is paid. Must be installed and used separately from the theme. It requires admin translates everything manually from wp-admin.

Also, the support for the plugin is normally done by WPML as the support code is based on their documentation and instructions. They tested the theme before confirming it is WPML ready. If there are settings we know of how to translate, we help without issues. But if there are problems, these have to be fwd-ed to WPML plugin support for compatibility tests and investigation.