Login / Register in required in WP Rentals to:

  • submit properties
  • send private messages
  • send booking requests

Here you read more on why this is needed – http://help.wprentals.org/2016/07/04/why-register-is-required-to-book-or-send-messages-in-wp-rentals/

Settings must be set to use SUBSCRIBER as default role.

Enable or Disable the Login and Register options from header menu

Even if you disable these from header menu, user will still be prompted to login when he sends a booking request or if you leave the Submit Property option enabled.

Login and Register options in header show ONLY for users who are not logged in

Register Form Options

Register form has 2 options managed from Theme Options -> General -> Login&Register:

If users can type the password, the form looks like this:

  • username,
  • email,
  • password,
  • re-type password


If users get the automated password

The form looks like this:

  • username,
  • email

User gets the password via email


For register, there are other options managed from theme options.

Split users on registration:


Enable Recaptcha:


Enable the social login buttons in the register form, managed from Social and Contact – Social Accounts: https://help.wprentals.org/article/theme-options-social-login/

Login and Register forms can be used as:

Modal Box (opens from header login or register buttons and from Add to favorite buttons)



Login/Register can be used as a widget.

Help http://help.wprentals.org/2015/10/28/login-widget/

Login/Register can be used as a shortcode.

Help http://help.wprentals.org/2015/10/28/login-register-shortcode/