1. Add the User Dashboard pages

In this video we will explain how the site administrator ca manage the user dashboard pages and the listing submission form fields. Learn how to create the dashboard pages and how to enable auto-complete, booking types and other important details when adding a new listing. Watch Video on Youtube

2. Manage the booking details for submission form

This video explains how the site administrator manages the booking related details for the listing submission form. Learn how to set things like the maximum no of months in the availability calendar, how to work with booking types, and other important booking related details. Watch Video on Youtube

3. Manage property categories

In this video we will explain how you manage various options for the listing categories and how to set the listing location details (autocomplete, drop down or direct input). Watch Video on Youtube

4. Manage custom fields and default listing fields

In this video you will understand how to manage the default and custom listing fields in the submission form of WpRentals Booking Theme. Watch Video on Youtube

5. Add a new property

Watch this video to learn how you can submit a listing from WpRentals front end dashboard. Learn how you can add listing details, images, location or featured and amenities. Watch Video on Youtube

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