You will learn how to set the location of a property on the map in the Wp Rentals theme. Watch Video on Youtube

Hide the property location until booking is confirmed

If you wish to hide the property location until the booking is confirmed, please enable the following in theme options.

If this is enabled, property location stays hidden on property page

Save submit form to include Property Latitude & Property Longitude

Select and save Property Latitude and Property Longitude to be included in listing submit form

Set Property Map location with Open Street

Select Open Street

Type and save the address and the lat and long values will auto-fill.

Set Property Map location with Google Places

Select Google places

Add API KEY for google map.

Check this help to understand the steps for getting your key – 

Go to Add/ Edit property

For City / Country / State -> Type and select from google auto-complete and City / Area/ Country are saved from Google.

For map location and Address -> go to Location settings -> Type Address -> Select Property latitude and Property Longitude with the button “Place Pin with Address” -> Save.

Select Property Latitude and Longitude manually

Click on the map and you can select the location anywhere you wish.

Copying Property Latitude and Longitude coordinates manually

Go to and find the location you wish. 


The same can be done from admin – edit property – Place On The Map settings

Property location on the map marker

Check this help how to choose a marker for