How Booking Works

1.19 Instant Booking

How to enable Instant booking from each user account – add or edit property – description settings. INSTANT BOOKING with ADMIN FEE PAYMENT REQUIRED User sends booking request and must pay admin fee instantly for the booking to be confirmed. Live demo – After payment is done, booking is confirmed and user is redirected to My […]

Owner Contact Info – how it works

Contact info on owner page is hidden by default for non registered users and registered users with NO confirmed booking. Info shows only to users who have at least 1 confirmed booking or is user checks his own profile. Admin ca see all contact info by default. Owner cannot see the contact info of the […]

Why register is required to book or send messages in WP Rentals

In WP Rentals register/login is mandatory to contact owner or send a booking request. There are several important reasons for which we designed the theme to work this way (and why other major reservation websites like airbn, homeaway etc do the same) – First of all, not wanting to register to contact the owner or […]

How to confirm a booking when admin fee is 0

Admin sets in theme options the value of the admin fee from total bookings (admin booking fee excludes city fee and cleaning fee ). The fee is deducted from total invoice and is paid by user submitting the booking, before booking is confirmed and AFTER the property owner approves the booking request. If you don’t wish to […]

Theme Email Notifications

From version 1.16 text can be changed from Theme Options – Email Management – When sending booking request User sending the booking request sees this message in booking form: User receiving the booking request gets this email message You have received a new booking request on!  Go to your account in Bookings page to […]

Owner info doesn’t show. What to do.

*There is 1 user level in our theme. Owners is default name attached to this user level. Owner applies for user adding properties, and user sending booking requests.  **All users registering in front end will  be also saved as owners and they will have a profile page attached to their account.  ***Users must register to […]

Seasonal prices. How to choose different prices for different calendar days. How to set price by guest.

Custom prices per day / period or are set in front end user dashboard in add/edit property form – PRICE. See here all the steps for add property Submission must be done in Front end. If you wish to be the only person submitting – please see this help Price Section options (starting version 1.20) Price […]

iCalendar Import / Export

The iCalendar Feature is a way to synchronize your listing reservation data with other websites. For example you published several properties on your WPRentals website but to maximise their exposure you also added them to Now the challenge is to mark as busy (in wprentals site) the dates that are booked on And […]

All In one calendar View

Create the page for All Calendar Page This page will be available in user dashboard. Will display all the properties posted by owner and the booked dates. Select dates to mark as booked for a specific property: You can also select dates as booked from edit/add property – From this interface you can set custom price and […]