*There is 1 user level in our theme. “Owners ” is the default name attached to this user level. Owner applies for user adding properties, and user sending booking requests. 
**All users registering in front end will be also saved as owners and they will have a profile page attached to their account. 
***Users must register to be able to send bookings or send private messages to other users/owners.
**** Admin is notified via email every time a new account is created. Admin can delete Owner posts from Admin – Owners.  Admin can delete a user from admin – users. 

Submit listings as Administrator

Even if you are the site admin, you must use front end submission to add listings and fill in your profile information for profile details to be displayed on properties.


Register on the site to add listings

To create users you must have this option enabled in admin backend.

Users must register their account on the front end!! Don’t add from admin area. 

front end

Users/Owners must add properties in the front end

Help – http://help.wprentals.org/article/add-new-property/

How to Edit the owner of a property

Edit Property to change property owner

How do owner details must show

Check the below screenshots to understand how owner details must show. If you don’t have such details, it means you must re-check the owner of the property and make sure it’s a subscriber registered in front end

You must see the owner name, a link to the owner profile and the contact owner must send the message to the owner email

There are 2 design options, depending on the property template selected from admin

Owner details should be added in Front End -> Dashboard -> My Profile

How to limit front-end submission to a single or specific users

For registration and front-end dashboard, there are specific controls in wp-admin that you can use. You can read more here – https://help.wprentals.org/article/can-i-submit-properties-as-admin-and-not-from-user-dashboard/