User sending booking request:

Invoice explanations in My Reservations

Owner of the property:

Invoice explanations in My Bookings

Other elements you can see in invoices:

Early bird discount

As owner you can set early bird discount (in %) and how many days to in advance for this discount to apply.

Extra Expenses or Custom discount

Pay by the number of guests instead of price per night

Formulas used:

total = (inter price + expenses + manual_expense ) – early bird + city fee+ cleaning fee + sec deposit

$early_bird_discount- doesn’t include extra guest, security, city fee, cleaning fee

$you_earn = $total_price – $security_deposit – floatval($city_fee) – floatval($cleaning_fee) – $service_fee;

$taxes = round ( $you_earn * $taxes_value/100,2);

$price_for_service_fee = $total_price – $security_deposit – floatval($city_fee) – floatval($cleaning_fee);

city fee % Doesn’t consider price for extra guest

city fee % Doesn’t consider extra expenses (added when owner issues invoice)

100% deposit includes automatically expenses (city fee / cleaning fee) – even if the option is set to NO