Important to know is that there are 3 limitations for hourly booking.

a. All In one calendar works only for “DAYS”, not hourly bookings. Only days will show in that calendar and you can add manual bookings only for “days”

b. The custom price period will allow to select a custom price per hour for specific days of the month.

c. Search by check-in and check-out will work for booked days, not hours

Select the option “Per hour for all listings” or  “Mixt – Owner chooses price by hour or by day” for Global Booking Type

Change 7 hours or 30 hours values for discounted price per hour

If you wish to set a different price per hour for longer booked periods, you can use these settings from Booking Settings.

You have 2 options for this

  • price per hour for bookings over 7 hours (change 7 to your value)
  • price per hour for bookings over 30 hours (change 30 to your value)
Please note that the selection of hours can only be done for a specific day (max 24 hours)

How to add price information for a listing with hourly booking

If you select the option per hour, you will get these options in front end submission for a listing price settings:

  • Price per hour
  • Price per hour (7h+) – and you can change 7 from theme options
  • Price per hour (30h+) – and you can change 30 from theme options
  • Weekend Price – you can put a different price per for weekend days
  • Cleaning Fee
  • City Fee in $ (only numbers)
  • Minimum hours of booking
  • Early Bird Discount – in % from the price per hour
  • Business hours – for per h booking

To add listings, even as single owner or site admin, you must use the front end submission form. Go to Dashboard -> My Listings -> Edit Listings

Go to price Settings to manage the hourly price details.

If you wish you can add Extra Booking options for each listing too (Also managed form price settings)

If you wish to set a different price per hour for specific days, you can use the Price Adjustments section, also managed from Edit Listing -> Price sections

Select a day(s) from the calendar and add the custom price details

How to manage a listing with the option Mixt – Owner chooses price by hour or by day

If you select the option Mixt, the owner will get Booking Type dropdown in front end submission to choose between  hour or day for each listing. It can be daily OR hourly, not both.

Save the option and refresh to see the text labels changed as well.

How to select hours available for rent

Edit the Listing or Add a new listing -> go to Price Details ->  Edit the business hours

How to manage guests in the hourly booking form

Guests can show or not depending on your choice in Theme Options -> Listing Submit Page -> Choose What do you Rent

Can choose between Vacation Rental and Object Rental.

If you choose Vacation Rentals, you will have Guests in the Booking form.

If you choose Object Rental, Guest will not show in the booking form.

Vacation Rental option enabled example from Office Hourly Demo

Object Rental option enabled example from Gear Rental demo

Video Tutorial – How to make a booking with the Hourly Booking option Enabled

Change the Hourly availability Calendar Language

The language for the Availability Calendar is managed from Theme Options -> General Settings – > Language for datepicker

Change hourly booking availability display with AM / PM format

Depending on the Language for datepicker, the calendar may show AM / PM .


NOTE: There is no AM/PM control possible for booking form. 

How to import hourly bookings using ICalendar

Get the Ical url from a platform that has option to add hourly bookings and add it to  Calendar Tab.

Go to Owner dashboard -> My Listings ->  Edit Listing.

The listing must be published!

Add the ical feed in the Calendar Tab:


When have hourly booking setup for listings

  • the calendar is not displayed in front end submit – Calendar page. You add the ical, save it and check the availability calendar with the imported hours on the listing page.
  • For a listing to not be displayed in search results when making a search after a certain date it must have booked the entire day that is mandatory to start with hour 1 and end to hour 23:

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