Only registered users can send messages in INBOX private message system. Messages cannot be saved in the theme and in user dashboard unless messages are sent by registered users.

Messages are sent also to user email address or to admin duplicate email address. Read more here   –

INBOX page user user dashboard

For the INBOX page to exist, it must exist in wp-admin – pages with this template. INBOX page is created automatically when you install the theme, but if you delete it, make sure you have a page with the template as in this screenshot

How to send a private message

You can send a message from Property page – Booking form:

You can send a message from Property Page – Agent Info area.

You can send a message from Owner profile page.

You can send a message as owner from My Bookings page in dashboard.

You can send a message as user from My Reservations page in dashboard.

Private Messages are seen directly in User Dashboard – Inbox

All the messages sent through the private system can be seen by admin in admin – messages:


Edit message details in admin – messages – edit message;

edit message details