Starting theme version 3.4, we added the option to separate guests. If you do not have the below options, then you will need to update the theme.

In this video, you will learn how to manage Guests when Adults, Children and Infants separation is enabled. Watch Video on Youtube

The guest options can be found in Theme Options > General > Booking Options

If set to Yes, the advanced guest picker will let you select the number of adults, children, or infants.

For the fields for extra guests to show in submission, the admin will need to select them from Theme Options-Payments & Submit- Submit page

In the Submission form you will have:


1. Guest No (mandatory)

In this field, you will select the maximum guest number allowed.

2. Children(ages 2-12) will not be charged

If this option is ticked, the children will not be considered as guests and you will be able to select in the booking form as many children as you wish.

3. Allow guests above capacity?

If this option is ticked, you will need to add the number of guests allowed, and in the booking form, you will be able to select the number of guests set in the maximum guest number + the extra guest number

IMPORTANT: If the guest control option is disabled, the maximum guest option will not work

4. Maximum extra guests above capacity (if extra guests are allowed)

If you enable the Allow guests above capacity? option, then in this field you will need to add the extra maximum guest allowed.

Search by the guest dropdown reads the default max guest allowed (set in the description area). The search will return results with properties that have the default guest number equal or higher with the value selected in the search.

Charge for Extra Guest

 If the option from the Description section to Allow guests above capacity? is enabled, in the Price section > Price per night, the Extra Price per guest per night will need to set up.

The price per night value will apply by night and will be for the number of guests you put in the Description step.

Extra Price per guest per night (what is OVER the guest number set in Description) applies from this setting


In the Description section, the guest number is set to 4 guests, we allow extra guests and the Maximum extra guests above capacity is set to 2.

In the Price section, we set the Price per Night to $100 and the Extra Price per guest per night to $50


This means that the property allows 6 guests in total.  The price per night will apply for 4 guests and for the 2 extra guests the Extra price will apply