When using EXTRA GUEST option, the following notes apply.
1. Search by guest cannot consider the extra guests allowed, as technically the guest value is a single value (and we can’t do a sum). Search will return results with properties that have the default guest number equal or higher with the value selected in search
Search compares to guest value set here
2. The extra guest option, once enabled, doesn’t let a max number of extra guests, so there can be as many as user selects (but we can help limit the number of guests that can be selected in the dropdown – with custom code).
This would be the setup from Add Property – Price settings
Set price per night
Price per night value will apply for the number of guests you put in first step
And check extra guests – put price for extra guest –
In custom price you can set a custom price per night (to apply for default number of guests) and a custom price for extra guest for your chosen days