The theme can work for a single property. You can disable submit for other people and manage this property with an user of your own. We have here another client doing the same –

Steps to get you started:

1. You install a demo –
2. You delete all demo properties – owners – blog posts from admin (but this way you keep the pages and theme options and save time).
3. You go and register your own account (use front end – register (on meniu)
4. You add your property with that account
5. You go here and add your username –

Can I be the only one submitting properties? How to setup the theme if you are a single owner


Now you may wish to:

6. Remove search (if you have one property, you don’t need that). Use this option –
7. Edit menu or create your own menu – help
If you need further help please contact us through client support and we will guide you –