Please see below a short description of all options in Map Settings to understand how to work with these.

1. What Map System do you want to use?

You can choose between Open street map and Google maps.

Open Street

  • For open street map option, you don’t need API.
  • You can use MapBox API for tile server (to serve the map images faster).
  • If don’t add API for MapBox we will use the default open street server which can be slow sometimes
IMPORTANT: Street view and places options from property page map are not supported by Open street map.

How to get MapBox API

You can get it from here:

Register and copy the Public Token

Google Maps

2. What Places Api do you want to use?

You can choose between Open Street, Algolia or Google places.

Open Street Places

This option was introduced in Theme Version 3.3 as Algolia Places will be retired in 2022. Just enable the option.

Open Street places is a free product. The auto-complete system as it works it is the the results of the complete implementation of what this system can do.


Algolia Places

  • If choose Algolia for places must setup Algolia App Id and Algolia API Key.
  • Algolia Places API is an alternative we integrated for Google Places
  • Algolia service is free within a specific number of requests per month – and becomes paid after that limit is reached. You can read more here

How to get the Algolia Key

IMPORTANT: Algolia works with both map types: Google map and Open Street.

You can get the Places Key from here:

  • Next must fill in the below details:

  • Go to API Keys from dashboard menu, Copy Application ID, Search-Only API Key  and add paste them in theme options:

Google Places

IMPORTANT: Google Maps Places works only with Google Maps

3. Use file reading for pins?

4. The maximum number of pins to show on the map.

5. Starting Point Latitude and Starting Point Longitude

6. Default Map zoom (1 to 20)

  • Applies for global header media with google maps on pages and posts
  • Exceptions: advanced search results, properties list and taxonomies pages.

7. Use Pin Cluster on map

  • If yes, it groups nearby pins in a cluster.

8.Maximum zoom level for Cloud Cluster to appear

  • Pin cluster disappears when the map zoom is less than the value set in here.

9. Geolocation Circle over the map (in meters)

This option applies to the map geolocation function.

  • Google API changed the rules in June 2016. Staring this date the geolocation from Google will work only over https sites.
  • For that reason starting version 1.16 WP Rentals uses as a source for geolocation info over http the with API, and for https sites Google Maps Geolocation API.
  • For clients who use https for their site (which means adding SSL (this is done via server) – they can still use Google Geolocation. That has always been accurate.
  • For clients who use only http (no ssl) – the info is taken over and in this case results could have a margin of error.

10. 11. 12. Map height

  • Applies for header google maps when setting as global header media type.


  • Go to
  • Create/find a custom map you like.
  • Copy / paste the Code
  • Save Settings.
  • Clear Theme Cache