The global header for all pages and posts is selected from Theme Options – General – Header

NOTE: Properties pages are excluded. This custom post has a predefined design.

NOTE: Half map design doesn’t have custom header. BUT half map pages / design need header set to Google Maps. 

You can choose from of the 5 header types.

Static Image

The static image url has to be added from below field. Choose a wide image as it will show 100% screen wide. The design uses the original image height (set proportional based on screen width)

Theme Slider

If you choose Header Media as theme slider, select your properties for the slider from these settings

Revolution Slider

If you select Revolution Slider or Image header you need to add the slider name

Google Maps

If you select Google Maps as global header, the maps options are modified in Theme Options – Google Maps Settings: default latitude and longitude set map default location, default zoom sets map default zoom.

Other default settings for header media as Google Maps are Height of the map when closed, height of the map when open, and if you wish to force the map at closed site (which means OPEN MAP doesn’t show)

Owner Page – Header Media

The Global header control for owner page – can be set from General-Header as well.

The header can be changed for each owner from custom header options – More here