This page lists all reservations made by the user (pending, pending invoice payment or confirmed).

From the same page user can post a review after this trip has been completed (so after the end date of the booking)

How to create My Reservations

To create the page (if you’re not importing demo content) follow these steps:

This is how the page looks in the front end, with a reservation pending property owner confirmation or rejection.

Reservations Status Details

  • 1. A reservation for which property owner has already issued the invoice. This user must now pay the Admin FEE to confirm booking. The user can still cancel his booking request at this point.

  • 2. A reservation confirmed, which means the user has paid the Admin fee (if admin requires that) or the invoice was just issued (if admin sets his fee to 0).

At this point, the user can VIEW INVOICE details.

And he can see the review button – which will become active AFTER the end date of his booking (in this ex after 2015-05-30)

Please see How Booking Works chapter to understand the entire flow of the booking system in the theme.

Search My Reservations

Search reservations in user dashboard by property title/name.

my reservations search