You can use the theme supported merchants for 3 purposes:

1. Submit listings by Membership

Help –

Works exclusively with theme merchants: PayPal, Stripe or WireTransfer

2. Submit listings by paid membership single fee

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3. Pay to admin deposit / service fee for each booking

Help –

You can combine option 1 with option 3,  or option 2 with option 3.


What Merchants does WpRentals Support

The theme supports several merchants. Money goes always to admin accounts.

a. Theme included merchants

PayPal – help to setup paypal

Stripe- help to setup stripe

Wire Transfer – help to setup wire transfer –

These options work with Membership based submission, Paid Submission and booking deposit payment

b. Woo Commerce supported merchants

You can disable theme merchants and use any WooCommerce supported merchants to process money to admin.

Help to enable WooCommerce option –

Woo Commerce supports hundreds of merchants and each will have its documentation on Woo Website. The theme booking is independent from Woo. We only process the payments through Woo merchants, but money goes always to site admin.

This options work with Paid Submission and booking deposit payment.