WooCommerce is supported for the following options:

  • Paid Submission (pay for a listing to be published and separately for a listing to be marked as featured)
  • Pay for bookings (deposit and the remaining balance can be paid through WooCommerce payment methods)
  • Pay for bookings with Instant Booking checked WITHOUT HAVING TO LOGIN first

How to install WooCommerce

Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Type WooCommerce -> Install the plugin -> Activate it

Set-up WooCommerce payments:

When activating WooCommerce they will ask to go through a quick setup. Finish the setup.

Pages created by WooCommerce are listed in Admin -> Pages

You can edit these pages and set custom header

Set the merchants in WooCommerce

WooCommerce has over 100 merchants compatible. You can see the list here https://woocommerce.com/product-category/woocommerce-extensions/payment-gateways/

Some need a paid extension, some are free. From theme end, we have integrated WooCommerce so you can use any merchant they support for the 2 types of transactions built in the theme. The merchant setup must be configured based on WooCommerce instructions and based on the merchant you selected to use with this plugin.

Set the currency in WooCommerce

Enable the option to use WooCommerce Payments 

Go to Theme Options -> Payments & Submit ->WooCommerce Settings

How it works

WooCommerce “Pay” button will show when trying to pay for the following:

  1. Instant booking deposit (*Deposit must be different than 0)
  2. Regular booking deposit
  3. Remaining Balance Payment


  1. Paid Submission Fee (Regular Submission Fee and Extra Fee to mark the listing as featured)

Clicking on “Pay Now” will redirect user to WooCommerce Check-out Page.

The payment will be processed through WooCommerce merchants and those you set from WooCommerce settings.

The check-out page can show “Terms and Conditions” check as well as other profile information which you will save in WooCommerce plugin reports.

Enable “terms and conditions” on checkout page

Go to Settings -> Account & Privacy and select the page you wish to show for “Privacy page”

How to use Booking without login

This option applies automatically to properties that have Instant Booking enabled by owner and processed through WooCommerce.

Live demo – https://demo1.wprentals.org/properties/condo-in-liberty-state-park/

Video Tutorial

How to confirm multiple bookings with one purchase and WooCommerce

How to manage checkout fields

We hide some default fields from checkout which are not required to process payments.

Note: You might have duplicate checkout pages if you try to buy WooCommerce products as the checkout process can’t be completed because of missing fields.

You can delete all the lines for the fields you wish to show (and not use any plugin) – file path plugins/wprentals-core/classes/wpestate_global_payments.php

WooCommerce plugin is used with its standard options. For checkout you may find add-ons to modify the checkout fields

Ex of a plugin that can help modify which checkout fields are required:


Shipping details will show for non virtual products. Check this help to enable shipping for non virtual products https://cgscomputer.com/how-to-add-a-shipping-address-to-virtual-products-in-woocommerce/