This help lists all the steps you need to do to be sure you’re installing your domain, wordpress and theme correctly.

Before Installing the theme

Before installing any WordPress theme, including WpRentals, you must have:

  • A hosting,
  • A domain and
  • WordPress installed on that domain

Choose a hosting company, and moreover choose a hosting dedicated for WordPress hosting. What we recommend is to avoid very cheap ones because those are very limited and to run a fast website you need more. But other than that, choose a plan you are comfortable with from costs point of view and that allows you to upgrade if you wish to.

Get your own domain. Hosting will help and guide how to set your new domain on your new server.

Install WordPress on your domain. Many web hosts can automatically install WordPress for you.

If you wish to do this yourself, check the following resources:

Note: Ensure that your web host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress and WpRentals theme.
Help article about Server / Theme Requirements

Download the Theme from your buyer account

The file you must download in your buyer account from Theme Forest:


  • “Installable WordPress File” – is the zip that includes  only the theme files (
  • “All files & documentation” – is the zip that includes all the files offered with the theme ( + recommended child theme + theme original property markers and more

Install WpRentals Theme via WordPress

Step1: Navigate to Appearance > Themes
Step2: Click Add New and click the Upload button.
Step3: Browse to find the file on your computer and click Install Now.

Step4: Activate WpRentals from Appearance > Themes

Step5: Install the mandatory plugins from Appearance > Install plugin. WpRentals Core Functionality is MANDATORY. Install this plugin before you activate the license!

Step 5.1:  Install the optional plugins included with the theme:

      • One-Click Demo Import plugin is needed only when you import demo content. You can delete it after that. To import demo content you must activate the license too (step 6)
      • Wp WpRentals  Gutenberg Blocks Functionality plugin is Recommended if you wish to use only the new WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor with theme shortcodes as blocks. In this case, you don’t need to install the WpBakery Composer plugin at all.
      • WpRentals   Elementor Widgets – is optional and you should install it if you want to work with Elementor Page Builder (a free plugin which you install from WordPress Repository –
      • WPBakery Page Builder plugin is a 3rd party Premium Plugin is recommended if you wish to use the theme default demo content and edit the shortcodes and page content with this plugin.
      • Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder – is a 3rd party Premium plugin that adds more shortcodes to the WPBakery Page Builder plugin
      • Revolution Slider is a 3rd party Premium Plugin that can be used to create different sliders for header media. But it’s also optional.

Step6:  Activate the theme with your buyer license code – more here This is done only once!

Step7: Save permalinks to Post Name for search redirect to work

Video for how to install the theme:


Check what other settings to do after theme installation:

Install WpRentals via the FTP

Step1:  Download only “All files and documentation”, unzip the theme pack, and find the wprentals folder.

Step2:  Upload the folder wprentals folder contents to the wp-content/themes folder on your server – via FTP Manager

Step3:  Activate the theme in the Appearance / Themes menu in WordPress Admin.

Step4:  Activate Plugins from header notice and start using them right away.

IMPORTANT: Is MANDATORY to install WpRentals -Theme Core plugin for Theme Options to show and work.

Step5: Activate the theme with your buyer license code – more here This is done only once!

Step6 :  Save permalinks to Post Name for search redirect to work

Check what other settings to do after theme installation:

Activate WpRentals Theme

Note: You must do this only once. This will not be required again for future updates unless you decide to reset the database and start over.

Step1: Login in Theme Forest with your buyer account.

Step2:   Go to Downloads

Step3: Go to your purchase and select License Certificate and Purchase Code

Step4:  Paste the code in theme options and click the button “CHECK LICENSE”.

Step6: You will need the same license code to register for a support account in client support system –

Install the included plugins

The WpRentals theme includes 6 plugins:

  • WpRentals  Core functionality – MANDATORY
  • WpRentals Gutenberg Blocks Functionality plugin is Recommended if you wish to use only the new WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor with theme shortcodes as blocks. In this case, you don’t need to install WpBakery Composer plugin at all.
  • One Click Demo Import – MANDATORY to import demo, but can be deleted after that
  • Slider Revolution – OPTIONAL, but recommended if you wish to create advanced header sliders
  • WP Bakery Page Builder – OPTIONAL optional, but recommended for WordPress Classic Editor. If you prefer using Gutenberg WordPress 5.0, you don’t need this plugin. 
  • Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer – optional (you can use it to add extra shortcodes to those already offered in Visual composer) for Classic Editor. 

When you install WpRentals theme you will get a notification message in your WordPress admin telling you of the required and recommended plugins.

Plugin installation & update notification

If there’s an error during plugins install it means the server doesn’t allow the auto-installer to make this action. In this case, do the installation like this:

  • Download all files and documentation from buyer account:

download all files and documentation

  • Unzip and you’ll find the wprentals folder inside:

  • Find the plugins zips inside the folder: wprentals/libs/plugins
  • Go to Add Plugins page
  • And install the plugins zips one by one from  wprentals/libs/plugins

  • For the plugins you get with the theme you don’t need buyer license to use them. Since we have the extended license we give all our clients plugin updates through theme updates. There is only one license per purchase – so only we can use this license to get the updates and then share the update with our clients.
  • If you have any problem with the plugins or if you need help updating the plugins please open a ticket in our private support system here – and we will help you asap.

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