Properties must be submitted in Front End by admin or other owners.

These are options exclusive in front submission form.

  • The city/area/country may not be set correctly so search with google places doesn’t work.
  • Calendar and Custom prices can be managed only from front end submission.

How to manage submit form

You manage the submit form in Theme Options. Read more here

How to be a single Owner

If you wish to be the only user uploading properties – see this help –

How to switch between Admin and Owner account

If you wish – as admin – to make edits to properties submitted by users – you can use this plugin –

What to edit for a property as Site Admin

Edit Property Details, categories

How to Edit Property Owner

To edit a property go to Admin – Properties – Edit property and then you can check the below details.

How to edit images uploaded to a property  from wp-admin

Go To Listings -> Edit Listing -> Property Media

Change featured image (the first image in property unit, and in property slider) from here:

Or, alternatively, Go to Add Media

images 1

Add your images

images add

Close the media uploader

close images


– Header Property Slider is set to be wide 100% and max-height 450px – the image will be resized to screen size. Add landscape images. For example, in our demo, we have 1920 x 1280 images for featured images. This fits nicely on large screen resolutions. – Property featured images should be the same size when used in feature property shortcode.

– The rest of the image attached to the post can be the size you wish. All images will be listed in a gallery with a Fancy Box gallery. This gallery is triggered on click (click on the featured image or click on image thumbs)

Image re-size rules are set in wprentals/libs/general_settings.php