YES. YOU CAN BE THE ONLY ONE ADDING NEW PROPERTIES. You would still need to submit properties in front end, but you can make the front end submission to work just for an account you own, and the rest of users will register just to send private messages / send booking requests / save favorites properties.

How to control who submits properties

Register your own subscriber account in front end:

register account


Login in wp-admin and go to theme Options – General Settings

Choose this combination:

Separate users on registration – there will be 2 user types: who can only book and who can rent & bookNO

And you list specific subscribers usernames in the section

Only these users can publish (separate SUBCRIBERS usernames with ,).

If you wish to let multiple users submit, you can type more than 1 username, like this:

What will happen after this setting is done:

Subscribers usernames listed in theme options – general settings will have the user dashboard with all pages (including submit)

full dashboad page

All the other subscribers registered on the website will have limited pages in dashboard (no pages for submit)

limited pages in user dashboard

If you wish to supervise these “subscribers” accounts as admin, you can install the plugin called – User Switching –