By default, WP Rentals comes with six sidebar options:

  • Primary Widget Area,
  • Secondary Widget Area,
  • First Footer Widget Area,
  • Second Footer Widget Area,
  • Third Footer Widget Area,
  • Fourth Footer Widget Area.

The “Primary” and “Secondary” are for the regular sidebars while the rest apply for the 4 footer columns.

Additional to the “Primary” and “Secondary” sidebars you can create unlimited sidebars and assign them to individual pages or posts. To create a NEW sidebar go to Appearance > Sidebars and use the “+ Add Sidebar” link.



The theme has several widgets built-in and you can use more widgets from WordPress or 3rd party plugins you install

Then go to Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets to edit or add Widgets to sidebars.

Use Drag and Drop to re-order widgets on each sidebar.

Change sidebar per post or page

Edit the post or page and go to Sidebar Settings

Sidebar position options: right, left or none. Right is default.

sidebar position

What sidebar to show and you select from available sidebars (default or custom)

what sidebar

For post taxonomies and properties taxonomies sidebar position and what sidebar is controlled from theme options – appearance: