Starting 1.18 theme version the colors ca be changed from Design-Custom Colors:

Select your colors and save.

You have more colors in Main Menu design


How to edit the purple icons and images:


These images are located in wprentals/css/css-images and wprentals/img

They must be edited with an image editor and replaced in the theme (same folder, same name). You can also replace them in child theme (see below).

Original images can be taken from theme folder or from theme pack. In the theme pack you have different versions. Unzip the large zip from theme forest and go to pin_and_icons folder.

Inside pin_and_icons folder you have these folders:

green icons png from css-images demo 2 – which are the theme icons from css/css-images edited by us for demo1.

Edit color in fireworks and save with the same name:

coloe fill

img images vector – these are the default images for default user, default image. See below how to replace these images in child theme.

pins optimized png – are the pins we use in demo optimized with gimp to be small size. You can use these as they are if you change categories names and you wish to use the same theme demo pins.

pins vector – the pins in vector format to be edited with different colors (for who wishes to change default theme colors)

purple icons png from css-images – which can be edited. You can add color fill with fireworks and add your own color. Save with the same name and then replace in theme.

How to change images:

Replace icons and images directly in wprentals/css/css-images and wprentals/img. Replace pins in theme options – pins management –

How to change images in child theme:

For wprentals/css/css-images and wprentals/img you can create a child theme and overwrite the images as it follows.

Create the same folders in child theme

Add the images in child theme folder

And change CSS in child theme to new image path.

The css in child theme should look like in this

background-image: url('');

.owner_listing_image {
background-image: url('');

The rest of the css elements are:

wprentals images docu

Urls should be adapted to your url path as explained above.