In WPRentals there are two search types : The horizontal one  and the  the vertical one. You can pick their style in  Theme Options -> Advanced Search -> “Search Type” drop down.

The vertical search from is the “type 1 ” and is located in the file templates/advanced_search_type2.php

The horizontal search form is the ” type 2″ and is located in the file templates/advanced_search_type1.php

When you open one of these files you would see that the search fields are easy to located and change. However please note that changing id’s or name’s for the search fields will generate problems with search algorithm. Do not change those unless you know exactly what you are doing.

For example – in advanced_search_type1.php

The “location field” is at line 55

<input type="text" id="search_location"      class="form-control" name="search_location" placeholder="<?php esc_html_e('Where do you want to go ?','wpestate');?>" value="" >

*** there also some hidden input fields – these will be populated by google autocomplete api and will be used in search algorytm

The calendar dates are at lines 64 and 68

The guest list is at line  74. The list is populated by a function called in advanced_search.php.

$guest_list             =   wpestate_get_guest_dropdown();

The wpestate_get_guest_dropdown is defined in function help_functions.php at line 1119.

There are also 3 other search forms you may need to change

Mobile search:  this is in templates/adv_search_mobile.php

Widget Search: this is widgets/advanced_search.php

Shortcode Search: this is in libs/shortcodes.php , function wpestate_advanced_search_function at line 650