*This option applies for page standard view only (not half map)

This option does not apply for HALF MAP design.

First create a page and add content / images to it.


Then install Reveal IDs plugin to see id easier or take the ID from edit page url.

You can see it by using the EDIT url (from admin – edit option – and looking into the url of the post/post/category you open)

EX:       domain.org/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=property_city&tag_ID=34&post_type=estate_property

ID in this example is 34

To see IDs easier you can install a special plugin. There are several to choose from.

We can recommend this one – https://wordpress.org/plugins/reveal-ids-for-wp-admin-25/

With such a plugin you can see IDs in lists and easily copy them in the widgets/shortcodes that use them:


Edit City or Area category and copy the page ID:


In taxonomy page the page content shows on top of the list of properties.