Video tutorial

The theme supports 4 search types

  1. Search Type 1 – vertical with default fields
  2. Search Type 2 – horizontal with default fields
  3. Search Type 3 – horizontal with custom fields
  4. Search Type 4 – horizontal with 3 default fields (title keyword, first and 2nd category) + custom search fields.

To learn how to work with Search type 3 and 4 check this help

Search Type 1 & 2

These search types have specific fields and designs that can be modified only with custom code.

Search type 1 over header:

Search type 2 over header:


Style 1 or 2 is controlled from Theme Options – Advanced Search Form

Type 1 or 2 can be used as:


  •  Widget or Shortcode search, which includes the price slider.



  • For Advanced Search Results (half map), Properties List Half Map, and Taxonomy Page Half Map we have extended search fields options that search/filter properties on the same page. These fields are set in Theme Options- Search- Half Map Search Form