]The Security Fee is set by owner, in number amount.

When booking request is sent, the value is added to booking total.

Now we have different scenarios possible, but only some make sense with this option.

The scenario that makes this option usable is this:

Deposit is set from admin.

a. Deposit is 100% and user will pay everything when booking request is confirmed

In this case, money go to Admin account. They stay there. To use Payment management add-on to send back the security fee to renter after booking ends, it’s important money are sent through PayPal.

If admin wishes to refund the user through Payments Management add-on from Rentals Club – he registers through Rentals Clubs – then he has this option to send the security deposit money back to renter and the button will be active 5 days after booking ends – http://www.rentalsclub.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/payments.png

In the same Rentals Club account admin will have the option to refund the renter (full refund) or send payment to owner (his earnings) + refund security fee to renter.

b. Deposit is set to less than 100%

The renter will be asked to pay the deposit for booking to be confirmed, and that will include a part of the security fee (depends on how deposit is set in admin). Deposit calculates based on total booking fee.

To get full security fee from renter it means he has to pay the difference of the total invoice through the site (there is a reminder going to renter and owner can send that reminder manually 3 times, but that’s all). The booking still goes through unless owner cancels it manually.

To be able to return the security fee through Payment Management to the renter, it is important for the payment to be done in full through the site.